sunnuntai 7. kesäkuuta 2015

Desucon 2015

Hello everyone! 

This weekend was Desucon 2015. I'm actually going to write veeeery small post because I don't have so much say about con. I cosplayed Yasusada (touken ranbu), Anri Yoshiwara ( adekan) and Unno Nanakuma ( brave 10 ). 

 I liked cosplay Yasusada the most, because this costume was comfortable to wear. And well Anri and Nanakuma costumes has own problems. I still like cosplay Anri, but maybe next time I have new costume for him,maybe? + I was very surprised that many people actually knew adekan and also saw other Adekan cosplayers, I was so happy. ;U:  
I had planned make vlog from desucon, but after all I didn't do it. If I remember and I'm not lazy maybe animecon vlog(???).  

I didn't take many pictures/ selfies asasdgh like usually, because I felt tired all the time. Maybe I have more write about animecon....hopefully. But anygays I had so much fun and met my friends. 

Yasusada's cleaning service ready to go! 

Beautiful selfie with my friends ~

2 kommenttia:

  1. I've already said on Facebook that I love your Yamato no Kami Yasusada cosplay! It just makes me so damn happy to see other Touken Ranbu cosplayers! >w< Sorry for gushing about it so much lololol but I'm just so excited.

    I do wonder though, where did you buy the shoes for him? I'm having problems lol. XD

    1. Aaaaw thanks ;u:
      Oh those, I bought them from Kärkkäinen, those are cheapo flip flops and I put blue ribbons to them.