sunnuntai 7. kesäkuuta 2015

Animecon cosplay plans ~

So yeah here is my animecon cosplay plans. Because I really love Touken ranbu I want make another costume for this year and I chose Imanotsurugi. Touken ranbu actually have so many character what I like to cosplay *crying*. 
Second cosplay is going to be pair cosplay. First me and my friend planned to do Kagamine Rin & Len cosplays,but then we decided do another SAO cosplay. We both liked cosplay Kirito and Lisbeth. My friend is going to cosplay Lisbeth again, but we're making Alfheim versions. Well I decided do Silica. She is very cute character and I really like Silica's Alfheim costume ;u: 
I'm really looking forward for animecon cosplays ~ 

2 kommenttia:

  1. HRNNNNNNGGH I can't wait to see your Imanotsurugi cosplay! ;w;
    Too bad I'm not going to Animecon... adfsgfg.

    And I totally know the whole "there's so many characters I want to cosplay from Touken Ranbu"-feeling; I'm having a really bad case of it as well. XD There's just way too many gorgeous designs!

    1. Touken ranbu characters are like big family and you just want love all characters, because they're "my babyyys ~ <3".