perjantai 20. helmikuuta 2015

What next?

I know I haven't done "30 day cosplay challenge" for many days. Maybe tomorrow,eheh..
But I want tell what I have planned next. Actually I don't have so much time sew my desucon cosplays for June. One reason for that is I'm going to Japan to study + I'm in Japan whole spring..oops. 

But if I'm not lazyassidiot like always. I may be able to get cosplays done before I go to Japan. 
What I have planned then? I'm going to use my Anri Yoshiwara cosplay again. I need fix it a little bit. Second character is Benio from Zone-00 manga and third one is Loki Laevatein from kamiaso. I have already start both characters costumes. 

--> Benio,Loki and Anri
I have also already planned my animecon cosplay. First I thought that I'm not going to Acon again, but then my friend asked if I'm interest go with them,yay ~ 
Me and my friend are going to do pair cosplay from Vocaloid. Second cosplay is still question, but I have thought about Kogitsunemaru from touken ranbu or Mistral Nereis from Shining hearts.

Vocaloid pair cosplay, I'm going to cosplay Rin 

4 kommenttia:

  1. Hnng, Kogitsunemaru! Mäki varmaan cossaan sitä joskus! x)

  2. Mistral <3 Se tulee sopimaan sulle niin hyvin. Mielenkiintoista nähdä miten toteutat sen. On kyl ainakin pitkä peruukki.
    (Kyl mie teen sen Clalaclanin valmiiks tänä vuonna. Ainakin yritys on kova. )

    1. Mistralin voisi kyllä periaatteessa kun se on aika hyvällä mallilla. Joo peruukin kanssa voi olla hauskaa :'D

      You can do it! (/ *3* ) /