perjantai 20. helmikuuta 2015

What next?

I know I haven't done "30 day cosplay challenge" for many days. Maybe tomorrow,eheh..
But I want tell what I have planned next. Actually I don't have so much time sew my desucon cosplays for June. One reason for that is I'm going to Japan to study + I'm in Japan whole spring..oops. 

But if I'm not lazyassidiot like always. I may be able to get cosplays done before I go to Japan. 
What I have planned then? I'm going to use my Anri Yoshiwara cosplay again. I need fix it a little bit. Second character is Benio from Zone-00 manga and third one is Loki Laevatein from kamiaso. I have already start both characters costumes. 

--> Benio,Loki and Anri
I have also already planned my animecon cosplay. First I thought that I'm not going to Acon again, but then my friend asked if I'm interest go with them,yay ~ 
Me and my friend are going to do pair cosplay from Vocaloid. Second cosplay is still question, but I have thought about Kogitsunemaru from touken ranbu or Mistral Nereis from Shining hearts.

Vocaloid pair cosplay, I'm going to cosplay Rin 

torstai 5. helmikuuta 2015

Day 12: Your cosplay idol

I have sooooo many cosplay idol.  I list some Finnish cosplayers and other countries cosplayers..

Finnish cosplayers

There is so many Finnish cosplayer what appreciate and I put here a few cosplayer -->

Other countries 
Okay, also this list have soooooooo many cosplayer what I appreciate. I put here again a few cosplayer. Because too lazy list all them..there is just so many asdfgh


Day 10 & 11

Day 10: The dream cosplay that will never happend(?)

I have two Kamiaso characters what I really like to cosplay and those are Thoth and Anubis. I love both "god versions". But because they're male and they don't have shirt and....yeah xD I don't know why I want cosplay male characters who don't have shirt. 

Day 11:  Something cosplay-related that you will never do

I think I don't never do muscular male characters...just no xD 

maanantai 2. helmikuuta 2015

Day 9: The dream cosplay that might just happen

I have too many dream cosplay, but I put my top 3. ( what come to my mind now asdfg) 

Number 3. 
Remilia Scarler - Touhouvania 
I like many touhou characters design. I have to say that I'm really lazy download any games to my laptop and I haven't played touhouvania, but I have watched some let's play videos. I like watch when people play games. xD People can say that I'm not "true touhou fan". But I really like all kind of touhou music...urgh yeah I had to say something about this costume...right. 
I love Remilia's design and also want make huge wings one day! *3* This costume would give me "challenges" and also use some new techniques. 

Number 2. 

Diao Chan - Dynasty Warriors 7
Dynasty warriors is one game where is soooo many characters what I like to cosplay and I love those designs and also like whole game! Diao Chan is one my favorite female character from DW. I love Diao Chan's DW 7 costume and it's actually my fav costume from her. I thought making her costume for this year, but I don't believe that I have time/money for this costume. ; - : 

Number 1. 

Lu Xun - Dynasty Warriors 7&8
Yes,another DW costume. Lu Xun is my favorite male character from DW. My favorite costumes are from DW 7 & 8. I had planned make Lu Xun's DW 7 costume to desucon. But I realize that I don't have enough time make it. *crying* T - T 
But like Diao Chan, when I have money/time I do this. 

sunnuntai 1. helmikuuta 2015

Day 8: Your cosplay plans for the rest of the year

Here is what I have planned. I also have some maybe cosplay,but not going to put them here. Hopefully I'm able to do those costumes ;u: I have also costumes what I want make for photoshooting, but not sure if I have time/money for those costumes :'D 

character list:
Benten - Zone-00
Sidney Black - Alice in the country of diamonds
Nakigitsune - Touken ranbu
Kisshou - Zone-00
Kagamine Rin - party x party (vocaloid)
Mistral Nereis - Shining hearts
Unno Nanakuma - Brave 10
Kogami Shinya - psycho pass
Anri Yoshiwara - Adekan
Kagamine Rin - Sincerity Nature (vocaloid)