perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2015

Day 6: "Your favorite cosplay (that you have done)"

 All my cosplays have some parts what I don't like and what I like. But I put my top 3 fav cosplays here. All those 3 cosplays has been my "dream cosplays".  

Number 3. 
Kagamine Rin -Senbonzakura (vocaloid) 
When I first time heard/saw senbonzakura song I fell in love Rin's costume and wanted to make it. And last year my dream cosplay Rin come true. Thanks for Tutti & Rita, because they wanted do group cosplay with me. I was super happy aaaah! ;w:  

Rin's costume was fairly easy to make. Of course this costume also had some part where I had to think a little bit more (*ahem* bonnet *ahem*).  

Number 2. 
Chikage Kazama - Hakuouki 
I don't even remember how many years I have wanted to cosplay from Hakuouki. Hakuouki is one my favorite otome game/anime. First I wanted to cosplay Okita and Heisuke and I also started make Heisuke's western costume but I never completed it asdfgh. Kazama has been always my favorite character from Hakuoki and I have always wanted cosplay him. One my dream cosplay was this calendar version. 
 I cosplayed Kazama in Tracon, last autumn. We had Hakuouki calendar group and it was really awesome spend time with those guys! 

Number 1.

And my number one is Anri Yoshiwara from Adekan. 
What I can say mmmmh,well Adekan is still one my favorite manga. I had dreamed about cosplay from this awesome manga. But idea cosplay almost half naked man sound very stupid idea. Actually I just wondered what people would think if I cosplay Anri at con. I was talking with my friend Papui about Adekan manga. And I said it would be awesome cosplay Anri and Shiro with someone. Then Papui got idea make pair cosplay. Of course I was super happy that she wanted cosplay those idiots with me. We cosplayed Anri and Shiro in Närcon(sweden),last summer. We were happy that many people actually knew Adekan. 

2 kommenttia:

  1. Kazama. <3 I want to cosplay the calendar/musouroku versions someday too, they're all really cool!

    I also like the design of that Adekan guy but I don't know the series, should maybe check it out!

    1. They're! I would like to do another calendar version,but don't know which one maybe saito or okita.

      Adekan is shounen ai/shoujo manga,but it's really good! I recommend you to read ~