tiistai 27. tammikuuta 2015

Day 3 " Your most recent cosplay "

Ahem,well my "30 day cosplay challenge" didn't work as I thought..hehe.
Actually I have been very busy with school stuff and also tried to sew my desucon frostbite costumes. 
But I'm still going to do this! xD 

My most recent cosplay is Kagamine Rin from Suzunosuke's art book Colorful 3. 
I made this costume to Yukicon what was 10.-11.1. and I also took part in cosplay competition. And I got the best handicraft prize. I'm was really happy ;u; 

I liked use this cosplay and hopefully going to use it again and maybe going to photoshooting, don't know. I'm going to add more photos later (when I actually get them). 
(c) madunjau

(c)  Kyuu Eturautti

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