sunnuntai 14. joulukuuta 2014

Not done yet??

Hi everyone! 
This time I have wip photos of my Kagamine Rin cosplay from Suzunosuke's art book Colorful 3.
First I started sew that white dress. I drew the dress patterns from burda magazine. I thought making dress is easy,but no just no. Okay the upper part of the dress was easy to do. But then skirt part....*deep sigh*. 
I don't know how many time I said "dresses is not my thing". I drew skirt patterns in the sense that I had drawn it correctly,yeah that what I thought. Well I sewed the upper and skirt part. Then I tried dress with hoop skirt. Then I realize something...skirt was shorter from other side. Well I had to go buy more fabric that I could do it again. 

I wasn't interest to continue making dress I started make jacket. I cut patterns for jacket and then started to embroider it. One day wig for Rin arrived and of course I wanted to test it. And I love this wig! *^*
Also wanted to try horns to the wig. I need figure out how I put horns to the wig.
But yeah,I still have about 4 weeks to make this costume... xD

Belt ~

front piece embroidery.

Oh and I want show my plans to desucon frostbite. First I wasn't sure what is my third cosplay, but then brothers conflict come to my mind. 

Ayumi Shinozaki - corpse party, Kougami Shinya - psycho pass, Juli - brothers conflict. 

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