maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014

Mistral wip ~

Hello everyone ~  ( ^ o ^ )  /
I haven't start my yukicon cosplay yet...(because no money no funny)
Hopefully next month I'm able to go buy fabrics and other stuff for Rin's dress and jacket ;u: 
Last week I had autumn holiday and I had time continue my Mistral cosplay. First I had to cosplay Mistral in last spring,but then wig didn't arrive in time and also my motivation for sewing Mistral's costume wasn't huge. Also I thought cosplaying Mistral at the last desucon,but no.
THEN...I decided: 
I continue Mistral's costume when I have time/motivation to sew it. And little by little it's progressing well. But anygays here is wip photo what I've done.

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