maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014

Already plans for next year?

You know that feeling when you start thinking "what I could cosplay next year?". And then you start list characters what you want cosplay + those which are "yeah,maybe if I have time/money/sewing motivaiton". 
One day I was bored and I did this list... first photo is actually 3 costume what I have started and those characters are: Mistral Nereis - Shining Hearts, Benio - Zone-00 and Unno Nanakuma - Brave 10.
And 3 character what I'm going to cosplay at Yukicon and desucon frostbite are: Kagamine Rin (white dress), Ayumi Shinozaki - corpse party and Mukami Kou - diabolik lover more blood. 

 And then....Kagamine Rin - sandplay singing of the dragon.
I remember when I first saw sandplay costumes I fell in love with Luka's and Rin' costumes. When I cosplayed Luka's sandplay version it was time when I didn't sew cosplays by myself,but now I have some kind of sewing skill and I want try make Rin's sandplay costume.

 Oh rejet rejet what did you do. I love rejet's otome game and drama cd things. I saw on Rejet homepage new otome game called Ken Ga Kimi. I love those characters designs and they have lovely voice's aaaah <3
Because I don't understand japanese + don't know where I could order this game I haven't play it. BUT,I have read from this wonderland called internet about this game. (also watched videos from youtube). 
I love Kuroba Saneaki's (on the right) and Kei's (on the left) costumes ~  I really want cosplay both ;w: MAYBE going to cosplay Kei at next summer.

Kamigami no asobi...why?! Too many characters what you want cosplay and then you don't know when and do you have time/money. Actually I have started Loki's god costume...but still need do soooo many things for it. Another kamiaso character what I like to cosplay is Thoth ~ ;w: 

Nomura Eru - Marginal#4 (is also by Rejet.) Those handsome 2Dsingingidolanimeboys,ah <3 
2D idol boys my only weakness! 
Wait what... xD 
I love marginal4# songs and always looking for new songs *u*
Me and my friend both are huge marginal4# fans and we have talked about cosplaying those lovely idol boys fufufu~ Hopefully we're able to cosplay those one day! ;w:

Mistral wip ~

Hello everyone ~  ( ^ o ^ )  /
I haven't start my yukicon cosplay yet...(because no money no funny)
Hopefully next month I'm able to go buy fabrics and other stuff for Rin's dress and jacket ;u: 
Last week I had autumn holiday and I had time continue my Mistral cosplay. First I had to cosplay Mistral in last spring,but then wig didn't arrive in time and also my motivation for sewing Mistral's costume wasn't huge. Also I thought cosplaying Mistral at the last desucon,but no.
THEN...I decided: 
I continue Mistral's costume when I have time/motivation to sew it. And little by little it's progressing well. But anygays here is wip photo what I've done.

sunnuntai 12. lokakuuta 2014


Hello everyone ~

This is a pretty pointless blog post and the content makes no sense.

I have thinking about enter to the cosplay competition what is at next Yukicon. 
Not sure....but I would like to,but I'm too shy urgh xD
I had two characters what I could do,both are from vocaloid. And those are snow miku 2015 and Kagamine Rin from Suzunosuke's colorful 3 art. Both costumes look lovely/cute,but I choose Rin, because I have wanted to do this costume! Haha,I have about 3 months do this costume...maybe I can do it or not...heh.

I love this costume and can't wait to start it! 

(ps. I have started do Unno Nanakuma's costume : DD I don't have any wips photos now. But maybe one day I have.) 
(pps. I have been thinking about if I do a small giveaway on my facebook page. 
Not sure when, but if people are interest. What is the giveaway prize then?
I have think about some kind of print. 
Winners can choose Which cosplay photo they want in print. 
What you guys think. Is this a bad idea? )