tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

Miksi aina minä?!

Title in Finnish,because...don't know urgh. But yeah finally I wrote not beautiful post about tracon.
On Friday I went to Nina's place and I spend one night there. We were both very excited about tracon and we were talk about it a lot. Little con excitement was in the evening. We watched 2 movies Frozen and from up on poppy hill. It was the first time I watched Frozen movie. (we skipped all songs,but only listened trolls song. Oh and we had to listen let it go....because my friend wanted hear it..*sigh*) 

We woke up on Saturday morning, about six o'clock. Not sure how many hours I slept.. xD 
Our bus left at 7. I slept whole bus trip. We arrived to the con place about 09:30. The doors opened at 10:00. Well there was long loong long line. When we got inside, I headed towards the changing rooms where I put the cosplay on. There was so many people putting their cosplays. I feel so stupid when I go to there with my big a suitcase. Well, I went to a corner and there I tried to put my cosplay and make-up. 

Hotel selfie : DD

Hours later me and Nina we walked around the con place and we got tickets to the cosplay competition,because we went to watch WCS competition. In the competition were so many awesome cosplay and many nice performance. I really liked winners performance ~ *u*
Oh right! Because cosplay competition I met Hakuouki group people ~ We hung out and also had a little photoshoot. I had so much fun with you guys! ;w: ( Jäärä & Zkitsu,Ellu,yamachu ) 
I also met my other friends,it was really awesome see them for a long time ;u: *sob* 
My night at hotel wasn't nice at all...like last time. I got a migraine...and I couldn't eat anything,because only food smell made me feel sick. I don't understand why always when I go to tracon at hotel I start feeling unwell?! But the funniest thing was that we were at same room like last year :'D Hmmmh...
More Hakuouki photos I'm going to put to other post ~ 

More selfie photos with friends ~

On Sunday morning I was feeling better. I cosplayed Mary from Kagerou project. Me and Papui went to play dance game and it was really fun ~ Nothing specially didn't happen on Sunday. 
But what con would be without derp selfie pictures? :'D 

Ah,I just love you guys <3 

(c) Matias Tukiainen

(c) Matias Tukiainen
Also found photos of me and papui playing dance game : D 

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