torstai 31. heinäkuuta 2014

pppffft,secret cosplay...yeah right

On monday I came back to home from Närcon trip. I'm still a little tired and no strength to do anything. Not sure which day I write to blog about Närcon trip. (don't expect anything big :'D always too lazy write blog) Well I should start look my Tracon cosplay plans. One cosplay is going to be Chikage Kazama's calendar version. I look forward to this cosplay,because I have always wanted make costume from Hakuouki and it's still one of my favorite anime/game + going to have awesome hakuouki group with Jäärä,Zkitsuyamachu + other guys. (don't know their dA/blog/facebook or anything *sob*) For second day I have had many plans. But yesterday I decided do secret cosplay.  

Here is secret cosplay hints ~ ( ' v ' ) ~ 

Uta no prince-sama
Shining tears x wind
Shining heart 
Dynasty Warriors
Kamigami no asobi 
Dramatical murder

sorry I have to xD 

2 kommenttia:

  1. HNNG Kazama! Fuck yeah Hakuouki cosplays! <3
    May I ask what characters you have in the group and on which day it is? At Tracon, right?

    Also Dynasty Warriors mmhmm ~

    1. KAZAMAAA! <3 *ahem*
      Hmmhmm if I don't remember wrong hijikata,kazama,heisuke,harada and shinpachi. Group is going to be on saturday ~ and yes at tracon :'3