sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

I'm lazy?

Hiii ~

Next con is approaching menacingly. And I have tried sew cosplays to there. (with bad results *crying*)
On friday my summer vacation started and I thought "yes finally I can continue my cosplays!!". Mmmh,yeah that what I thought,lately has been really warm and also laziness level is over 9000,okay not that much but still. I'm a little scared that I don't have enough time to get costumes ready. Luckily one cosplay is almost done and it's Mary from Kagerou Project. I only need sew apron,cape and ribbon think.

Okay I still have a lot of work..but here is some wip pics.

So here is my cosplay plans.
on friday Nagisa Hazuki
on saturday Mary
on sunday Loki Laevatein 

 Nagisa's vest,need sleeves and some details

 Mary's dreeeeesssss ~~ 

 fabrics for Loki ~ =u= 
And also started cut piece for costume fufufufu ~

lauantai 17. toukokuuta 2014

Did you hear me when I walked?

Huuuuu,for a long time I write something here. I don't know why is always so hard start write anything here. Ideas where are you?!

Anygays last weekend was Cosvision,me and Papui went to there. We woke up pretty early,because our bus left at 06:45. Whole bus trip was derp,sleeping and more derp. (we were actually pretty sleepy haha.)
After we arrived to the bus station we begin look con place. On Saturday we cosplayed Tachibana Makoto and Nanase Haruka's sailor versions from Free!.

Not sure what I should tell about Saturday. Hmmm,we went to get autograph from Kairi, Kaname and Miya. It was really nice see those guys! ;u:
After autograph we looked around con place. Of course we had a little photoshoot,we also took pictures of our friends Kyoukai no kanata group. (they were so cute whii ~ >w< )

 And because photos are always so you go ~                


This is one my fav photo of my makoto cosplay. I watched when Papui taked photos of Rararin's morgiana cosplay. And then she took this one. + My fav photo of us <3

Oh right it's not end yet. Next Sunday wuuhuuuuuuuuuuuu....yay xD
On Sunday I cosplayed Kagamine Rin's senbonzakura version and Papui cosplayed Anubis from Kamigami no asobi. Did you hear my shoes? Oh yes you read right,because my rin cosplay shoes have two big bells...haha. Wondering how many people was annoyed about my shoes. I'm sorry all...
+ I had been asked to Hallcosplay competition and yeah I went into it. (it's pretty funny that all cosplay competitions where I have been are Hall cosplay....what...) I don't know what was in my mind when I was at the backstage. (maybe I was too tired hmmm don't know haha) But I talked with nice people at backstage ;u:  they all were so nice ah <3

And now photos from Sunday...

 I had with my friends a little senbonzakura group. It was a little sad that we didn't have so much time take photos of our cosplays ; n : But hope we have photoshooting in future!

photo: Santtu Pajukanta
I'm not really sure what think about my senbonzakura cosplay. Same time I liked it but also hated it. xD