maanantai 7. huhtikuuta 2014

Nyanananya ~

Hi everyone! 

Lately I have sewn my cosplays to Cosvision. First I started sew Kagamine Rin senbonzakura costume. Costume has progressed quite well,but still there is a lot to do. (or not?) I have bought some stuff for Mistral Nereis costume too. I hope I can start Mistral costume soon T 3 T
Anygays here is some wip photo from Rin cosplay ~

And about Desucon plans again...*sigh* All cosplays changed what I had planned. Okay,one cosplay I have already choose and it's Loki Laevatein from Kamigami no asobi. I'm going to do his god version. His costume is very manly and not gay at all xDD (I'm so going to die when I do this...)

Okay now I need only choose 2 cosplays what I do with Loki. I thought some kind of "easy cosplay". What look simple and don't need so much work. (ppppft right that what I thought) Here is characters what I have planned.

Matsuoka Rin - Free!
Hazuki Nagisa - Free!
Uroko sama - Nagi no asukara
Yato - Noragami