maanantai 24. helmikuuta 2014

I got the power!

  Okay I didn't get any power,or did I? (mysterious power lol what?)

Wait what....

Anygays,lately I haven't sewn or doing anything great. Because last monday I had foot surgery and trying to get some rest ~ But a little by little I can continue sew my cosplays whiii ~ And now I have sewn Christa from Diabolik lovers. First diabolik lovers costume what I started do. Still need buy fabrics for Shu and Raito. (wondering when the day is.) The first time I sew a dress,so a little scared of what it will become,haha. Christa is my favorite mother character from diabolik lovers and she is also pretty ~ I can't wait to get Christa's dress done ~ *u* 

Aaah,Christa is prettyy ~ ;w: 

One think for this cosplay is done and it's necklace ~ 

And next I want tell my cosvision and desucon plans. To cosvision I have two lovely female character,yes two female. For me it was a little surprise that I don't cosplay any male characters there. First one is Mistral Nereis from Shining hearts. I don't remember where the idea cosplay Mistral come from. I think I talked with  Jäärä about her Clalaclan cosplay(?). Another cute female character is Rin Kagamine senbonzakura version. Finally my dream is coming true! I have wanted cosplay this costume for while. I really love it and this costume is veeeery cute + senbonzakura is one my favorite vocaloid song ~ I'm going to have a little senbonzakura group with Tutti and Rita.  

And then is desucon cosplays. Now is 2 male and one female,man power fufufufufu ~ I'm going to cosplay two character from same think. Because cute/handsome/not gay tsukiuta characters! One day I found from soundcloud tsukiuta songs and I fell in love with them ~ Those songs are just so asdfghjhgfds and characters hhhhhngh <3 First it was hard choose which characters I do,because I like all of them. I asked from friends which characters are their favorites and after I collected their fav characters I choose Togawa Chisa and Kisaragi Koi. Both have very cute costumes ~ >w< 
Then another male character is from inari konkon koi iroha. I like this anime and one my favorite characters is Ootoshi no Kami (don't know why xD ). But I'm really excited ~ >w< 
Hope I can start cosvision and desu cosplays soon ~ 

Buuuut it's time go noow ~ ( = w = ) ~

Did I get anything done?

Hi! ~

Finally I had interest write about desucon frostbite. Frostbite was three day con,but I was only weekend there. Because on Friday I tried to sew my cosplays to this con,but after all I didn't have enough time. I was very tired and stressed. I hope that I have time sew cosplays to Cosvision ;___:

But I used my old cosplay on Saturday and on Sunday I was random Taiga with black suit heh. I had a lot of fun in the con. Actually I don't have anything special write about yeah.
I only have photos of Taiga,so here ~ Thanks Paha sotaherra taking photos for me! ;w: