maanantai 9. joulukuuta 2013

Winter cons?

Hi everyone!

Last time I wrote about Yukicon and Desucon Frostbite cosplay plans. Well now I'm not sure about those cosplays anymore or about going to frostbite. I have ordered tickets for both cons. BUT because my school stuff I'm not sure can I go to frostbite. I'm actually pretty sad about that if I can't go to frostbite.
So why I'm not sure about frostbite? I had the intention to go to an internship to Japan. ( this is only maybe,because still need talk about this at school ) And I'm not sure if I'm going in February or April. I hope this is in April. T ^ T

But however my yukicon plans are still question. I really want cosplay snow miku 2014 and I hope I have time make this cosplay! So miku is one cosplay what I'm going to do,but what is second day cosplay?
I have been a little stressed about school etc. and not sure if I'm able to do other "big costume". Because snow miku's costume take a little bit time make. (for me...)

So I have thinking if I cosplay Raito or Shu Sakamaki from diabolik lovers. I already have wig for both,but need do costumes. And another idea is Levi or Armin from snk. My snk cosplay is almost done and I have wig for both characters. (well still need do many thinks for those cosplays. )
Well I need think about those...hope I can choose those quickly.

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