tiistai 15. lokakuuta 2013

Armin test ~

Hi everyone!


I don't have much to write about,but I get my Armin and Levi wigs \ ( ^ o ^ ) / 
I love my Armin wig,its so nice and aaaa ~ Also tested my Levi wig and cut it a little bit. Buuuuut still need style it more and also practice makeup for Levi cosplay.

I realy want go photoshooting,but my snk cosplay is not done yet. Need buy many thinks for it and also sew many stuff argh. But now sadly I don't have time sew my snk cosplay,because my work take all the time T v T  ( internship,because stupid school...)

But I hope I can do this cosplay someday ( ' u ' ) /

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