maanantai 21. lokakuuta 2013

I can do this...

Tilililii ~ Hi everyone!

(don't know why I put this....very beautiful gif,yes!)

Today my autumn break start,oh yeah. Now I have more time watch anime,play DW 7 (aaaah all DW feelings *^* ) and also continue my snk cosplay. 
I try style my Levi wig,but yeah still need style it more. Feel like ruined whole wig hehe. I'm not good style wigs...
Jacket for my snk cosplay is almost done,need those symbol thinks. I ordered them from ebay and also ordered shoes from there ~ Tomorrow I go shopping,hope I can buy some stuff for this cosplay. 

After snk cosplay I have planned do Adekan or DW 7 cosplay. Wondering when I get fabrics for those cosplays ~ 

Anri from Adekan 
Not sure which version going to do first. 

Diao Chan and Lu Xun - Dynasty Warriors 7 

Can't wait I can start those cosplays!! AAAh ( ´  ` )

Oh and I get this from post today *^*
And this poster is two-sided aaahhh *fangirling*

tiistai 15. lokakuuta 2013

Armin test ~

Hi everyone!


I don't have much to write about,but I get my Armin and Levi wigs \ ( ^ o ^ ) / 
I love my Armin wig,its so nice and aaaa ~ Also tested my Levi wig and cut it a little bit. Buuuuut still need style it more and also practice makeup for Levi cosplay.

I realy want go photoshooting,but my snk cosplay is not done yet. Need buy many thinks for it and also sew many stuff argh. But now sadly I don't have time sew my snk cosplay,because my work take all the time T v T  ( internship,because stupid school...)

But I hope I can do this cosplay someday ( ' u ' ) /