perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013

I love my life too...

Hi everyone!

About two weeks(?) and then is Tracon. Yay! ooor not yay,because both cosplay to there is not ready. Still need do so many thinks. Well Sitori cosplay look pretty good. Pants and jacket is almost done and also need do a little thinks for shirt ~ So everything look okay?


Today I was looking fabrics for Mary cosplay (finally). I got white fabric for apron and gown and also found lovely turqouise blue fabric. When seller start look how much I need fabric for dress we realized there wasn't enough fabric. It was actually very sad,because color was right and also material was good. So now I don't have dress fabric T u T I just want hit my head to the wall or table.

Well I thought I can't do Mary cosplay at all,but then my mom friend say she order fabrics from German. I looked what kind of fabric this website have. Then I ordered some sample pieces and I hope there is good fabric for dress! But if I don't get fabric before con, I cosplay Mary in another con. (maybe)

But yeah,if I have sooooo bad luck with dress fabric...I need start think what I cosplay then. I thought if some utapri character? Mikaze Ai, Jinguji Ren, Otoya Ittoki or Aijima Cecil.
Which utapri character you want see?

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