maanantai 22. heinäkuuta 2013

Late (?) animecon report

Before I start to tell about my Tracon cosplay I tell Animecon stuff.
So,animecon was 13.-14.7. I got a ride from my parents, because they were going to visit our relatives. About 6 hours I seat in the car and I was very excited. We arrived in Kuopio, and I put Shin cosplay in the car and I was trying desperately to put makeup.
Mostly my con days was hanging out with friend. And one my friend let me try her Utapri game,I fell in love to the game and I want it *o*

me when I played that game

I met Papui first time ~ ( Papui and Kata's cosplay page ) It was really nice see old/new friends T 3 T 
The first con day was over. Me,Gaitsu,Minna and Chiruyto we went to the hostel. There was SPA!! It was a wonderfully relaxing to go to there after con day. 

 Spaa spaaa ~~ *w*

On Sunday me and Gaitsu cosplayed Kirito and Lisbeth from SAO,we had a little photoshooting. 
Both days I had a headache and feeling sick, but it didn't stop my con! But anyway I had fun and it was lovely see old friends! 
Some pictures from Animecon (actually all are from our photoshooting xD )

 Chiruyto and Gaitsu looking pictures 

Me and Minna sat meanwhile Chiruyto and Gaitsu was taking pictures. 

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