perjantai 12. heinäkuuta 2013

*goes into the trash*

Animecon is tomorrow! *party hard* my cosplay plans there were Megpoid Gumi and Kirito. Well I'm still going to cosplay Kirito,but not gumi. Why? Because I'm lazy + a lot of stress = costume is not ready in time. I tried sew Gumi's costume,but I had so much stress etc etc. and my interest for sewing end. Maybe some beautiful day I cosplay her. (or not heheh..) + I realizes maybe it's better if I cosplay only male characters *laugh* xD

Then I start think what I cosplay?! And here is some costumes what I thought..

1. Alois Trancy
2. Shin            
3. Ren Jinguji  
4. Mikaze Ai   
    5. Luka Megurine
6. Judal           

But yeah now I go to pack my stuff for animecon ~ 

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