tiistai 25. kesäkuuta 2013

Time start work(?)

Today I bought fabrics for my Gumi cosplay. It was a little funny buy those fabrics because I had my Gumi figur with me. It was actually easier buy and find those fabrics. And also seller realize what kind of costume I'm doing. Tomorrow I need go buy buttons etc. I also try look some shoes for Gumi,but it's actually pretty hard find any shoes. (well I found one shoes,but they paid 60€ TuT )

Oh and yesterday I watched the fabrics what I have already. And I found this wine red(?) fabric. Actually I don't remember what costumes I was going to do. But yesterday I got idea make some kimono. I'm not sure do I have enough fabric for this kimono what I have planned. Going to do some kind of demon cosplay.  I'm not sure about what design I paint,maybe flower? Here is picture from that kimono what I planned.

Fabric ~

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  1. Wow! You make your own cosplay! Thats amazing!! By the way your blog is really cool! Would you like to follow each other onf GFC and bloglovin? Let Me know! :)


  2. Oh thanks ; 3 : ) / Well I try make my cosplays but sometimes feel like I fail so much XD (and some my cosplays is ordered)
    Sure I can follow those blogs ~ ( ' u ' ) /