torstai 20. kesäkuuta 2013

Singing diva(?) and bread lover

Yes singing diva and bread lover. Okay,about 3 weeks and then is Animecon. I'm pretty exited because con haha..but anyways. First I had to make 2 costume to animecon,Dio from Mad father and vocaloid cosplay. I'm going to cosplay vocaloid character and it is Megpoid Gumi. But what about Dio? I don't cosplay him,me and my friend had to make pair cosplay. We changed it to SAO cosplays. Maybe finally our SAO group succeed (my friend had cosplay Silica at Desucon ) so now Animecon. Wuhuuu! And my another friend is Lisbeth aaand I'm bread lover (kirito). 

Also I finally choose my Tracon cosplay. Ren Jinguji's 2 season "stage" costume. I'm not sure what fabric I should use : I (my problems asdf)  Oh and also my desucon frostbite cosplays is chosen ~ ' w ' ) 
Annie from  shingeki no kyojin and Len Kagamine Heaven and Hell costume. I'm exited about frostbite cosplays *w* I hope I can make those costumes asdf. 

               I don't know why is it hard find good pictures from this costume D: (or I'm bad find anything..)

  I love this Len costume *w* can't wait that I can cosplay him ~

Annieeee ~ I'm so going to die when I try do this cosplay. Belts everywhere...

 But time go again ~ 

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  1. uhuhuhuuuu Shingeki no Kyojin :333333333333333333333 Miekin tahdpon cossia siitä, hahmokin on jo mietittty >8D nhiihhihihihihihih mut en vaan tiedä mihin sen ehin tehä

    ps. toi lenin asu on iihana XD

    1. Hohohohho kyllä ~ :33333 OOoh cossi! Ketä ajattelit cossia siitä? ' 3 ' )

      Lenin asu on hyvin miehekäs <3 xD

    2. sitä hanji zoeta >8D vaikka olenkin liian lyhyt mut se on hyvä XD ja sasha on toinen!