sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013

Desucon ~

This weekend was Desucon. I had so much fun with my friends and also I saw my old friends + I met new people ~  
On Friday I was Shin from amnesia. Friday was some kind of "hanging day". We take some cosplay pictures  and just derping. 

On Saturday I was Judal. In desucon was Magi cosplay group and I was with them ~ I had so much fun with those guys!! Magi group was AWESOME aaah,I love you guys ~ ((o ( > w < ) o )) 
Luckily on Saturday was good weather and also got some cosplay pics. And my Judal wig didn't like me at all xD asdfgh. ( now it's pretty messy,I need brush it someday ~ ) 

And finally day Sunday. Our waking time wasn't what we thought first. ( Oh well clock was 08:30 when we woke up..) We had to have SAO "cosplay group",but one of my friend doesn't have enough time make her Silica cosplay D: . Me and my another friend cosplayed Kirito and Lisbeth. We had photoshooting ~ thanks for that lovely person who take pictures for us! ~ ( I put those pictures someday,when I get them. ) 

But anyway desucon was awesome! And I miss my friends ; w : next is animecon!! And I need buy fabrics for Gumi. =w= ) 

I know I'm very photogenic xDD 

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