tiistai 25. kesäkuuta 2013

Time start work(?)

Today I bought fabrics for my Gumi cosplay. It was a little funny buy those fabrics because I had my Gumi figur with me. It was actually easier buy and find those fabrics. And also seller realize what kind of costume I'm doing. Tomorrow I need go buy buttons etc. I also try look some shoes for Gumi,but it's actually pretty hard find any shoes. (well I found one shoes,but they paid 60€ TuT )

Oh and yesterday I watched the fabrics what I have already. And I found this wine red(?) fabric. Actually I don't remember what costumes I was going to do. But yesterday I got idea make some kimono. I'm not sure do I have enough fabric for this kimono what I have planned. Going to do some kind of demon cosplay.  I'm not sure about what design I paint,maybe flower? Here is picture from that kimono what I planned.

Fabric ~

torstai 20. kesäkuuta 2013

Singing diva(?) and bread lover

Yes singing diva and bread lover. Okay,about 3 weeks and then is Animecon. I'm pretty exited because con haha..but anyways. First I had to make 2 costume to animecon,Dio from Mad father and vocaloid cosplay. I'm going to cosplay vocaloid character and it is Megpoid Gumi. But what about Dio? I don't cosplay him,me and my friend had to make pair cosplay. We changed it to SAO cosplays. Maybe finally our SAO group succeed (my friend had cosplay Silica at Desucon ) so now Animecon. Wuhuuu! And my another friend is Lisbeth aaand I'm bread lover (kirito). 

Also I finally choose my Tracon cosplay. Ren Jinguji's 2 season "stage" costume. I'm not sure what fabric I should use : I (my problems asdf)  Oh and also my desucon frostbite cosplays is chosen ~ ' w ' ) 
Annie from  shingeki no kyojin and Len Kagamine Heaven and Hell costume. I'm exited about frostbite cosplays *w* I hope I can make those costumes asdf. 

               I don't know why is it hard find good pictures from this costume D: (or I'm bad find anything..)

  I love this Len costume *w* can't wait that I can cosplay him ~

Annieeee ~ I'm so going to die when I try do this cosplay. Belts everywhere...

 But time go again ~ 

sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013

Desucon ~

This weekend was Desucon. I had so much fun with my friends and also I saw my old friends + I met new people ~  
On Friday I was Shin from amnesia. Friday was some kind of "hanging day". We take some cosplay pictures  and just derping. 

On Saturday I was Judal. In desucon was Magi cosplay group and I was with them ~ I had so much fun with those guys!! Magi group was AWESOME aaah,I love you guys ~ ((o ( > w < ) o )) 
Luckily on Saturday was good weather and also got some cosplay pics. And my Judal wig didn't like me at all xD asdfgh. ( now it's pretty messy,I need brush it someday ~ ) 

And finally day Sunday. Our waking time wasn't what we thought first. ( Oh well clock was 08:30 when we woke up..) We had to have SAO "cosplay group",but one of my friend doesn't have enough time make her Silica cosplay D: . Me and my another friend cosplayed Kirito and Lisbeth. We had photoshooting ~ thanks for that lovely person who take pictures for us! ~ ( I put those pictures someday,when I get them. ) 

But anyway desucon was awesome! And I miss my friends ; w : next is animecon!! And I need buy fabrics for Gumi. =w= ) 

I know I'm very photogenic xDD 

keskiviikko 5. kesäkuuta 2013


Hello everyone!

I haven't written anything here. I've been busy,because summer works. Next week is Desucon and still need do my cosplays to there. But like I said I've been busy. This weekend my friend is comes here and we try sew our cosplays.
Luckily I only need sew Kirito's jacket,oh and need buy pants..and also need cut my Judal and Kirito wigs and and asdfcgvh. Too many things what I need do and I don't have enough time. *crying*

Oh and yesterday I drew some kind of picture of the Remilia's wings. I have planned do her touhouvani costume. ( also planned do Yuyuko for next year desucon frostbite) This is actually first cosplay where this character have wings. I'm pretty exited start this cosplay ~ First I didn't have any idea how I could make these wings and what material I should use.

Aaand last weekend I was at Hitori's place ~ We had some kind of "photoshooting" actually our pictures was more like trolling. :'D But here is some ~