maanantai 13. toukokuuta 2013

I don't know..

Another my desucon cosplay is almost done. Last week I sewed jewel thinks for Judal. I only need find "diamond" think for necklace. Now I need start do wand. Here is some pictures ~

                                                                     sewing scarf

                                                    Testing some "hand jewel"

                                                    So here is those "jewel" thinks.

                                  And my Judal cosplay look like this. I need cut a little bit that wig.

Also I have sewed my Kirito cosplay jacket. First I had problems with patterns,but luckily everything was fine. Allmost all the pieces have lining fabric,only jacket sleeves need lining fabric. After I sewed ribbons for front pieces I realize those ribbons is too wide. Well I didn't start dismantle the front pieces,because I was afraid that fabric might be ruined. So now I have "too wide ribbons". I had to go buy narrower ribbon for sleeves. I know my Kirito cosplay is not going to be beautiful/perfect. *sigh* but I still try my best ^^'
Here is also some pictures from Kirito's jacket.

Sewing ribbons for front pieces. 

                                                             Front and back piece(s)

 And jacket look like this. As you can see those ribbons is maybe a little wide ^^' ( I haven't yet sewn the pieces together )

                                                     Aaand ribbons for sleeves

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  1. wAU ihana toi sun judai cossi, sopii sulle hyvin!:)Pitääpäs desussa sut bongata!