lauantai 18. toukokuuta 2013

Contact Lenses

Wuhuu now I have lenses for my 3 cosplay,Judal,Shin and Mary! I love those lenses  ~ *w*

keskiviikko 15. toukokuuta 2013

Wig wig wig...*sigh*

So I tried Kirito wig again. And still for me it look maybe a little short. *sigh*
What you guys think? I have looked some other cosplayers pics and they have a little bit longer wig. I don't know anymore what I do whit this wig. Or do I have to use Judal's wig. asdfghj

Of course I need style this wig..

maanantai 13. toukokuuta 2013

Mary wig!

Today I got wig for my Mary (kagerou project) cosplay ~ I loooove this! Is it pretty long and aaaa! :'D 
I think after Kirito and Judal cosplays I start sew Mary's dress. Also I need think about my animecon cosplays. I have planned do some Luka's version. (I'm not sure yet which version I'm going to do.) And then I need start sew Dio's costume. ( and maybe find some wig for him,if I don't use Alois wig for him )

Before cutting the wig. And also my lovely room...haha. 

After cutting wig ~

I don't know..

Another my desucon cosplay is almost done. Last week I sewed jewel thinks for Judal. I only need find "diamond" think for necklace. Now I need start do wand. Here is some pictures ~

                                                                     sewing scarf

                                                    Testing some "hand jewel"

                                                    So here is those "jewel" thinks.

                                  And my Judal cosplay look like this. I need cut a little bit that wig.

Also I have sewed my Kirito cosplay jacket. First I had problems with patterns,but luckily everything was fine. Allmost all the pieces have lining fabric,only jacket sleeves need lining fabric. After I sewed ribbons for front pieces I realize those ribbons is too wide. Well I didn't start dismantle the front pieces,because I was afraid that fabric might be ruined. So now I have "too wide ribbons". I had to go buy narrower ribbon for sleeves. I know my Kirito cosplay is not going to be beautiful/perfect. *sigh* but I still try my best ^^'
Here is also some pictures from Kirito's jacket.

Sewing ribbons for front pieces. 

                                                             Front and back piece(s)

 And jacket look like this. As you can see those ribbons is maybe a little wide ^^' ( I haven't yet sewn the pieces together )

                                                     Aaand ribbons for sleeves

sunnuntai 5. toukokuuta 2013

Links ~

I want to put some link here where you can look my cosplay/drawings. ( ' u ' ) /


deviantArt (only if you're login you can see my cosplay/drawings)


perjantai 3. toukokuuta 2013


Because I don't know...I just looked some pictures and then I found this character. I like her clothes,cuute ~ 
But I haven't watched that anime. (maybe I could...) some future cosplay? Well if I still have interest cosplay her. 

Kanetsugu Naoe from Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls

keskiviikko 1. toukokuuta 2013


I have so many plans for this year,so my some cosplay plans is going to be in next year. But nothing is 100% certain. ( only female characters )

Yukihime from Hakkenden touhou hakken ibun

 Awashima Seri from K

Satoru Asahina or Mamoru Itou from Shin sekai yori

Yogi from Karneval (I'm not sure which version I do )

Cecil,Tokiya or Masato from Utapri. Maybe doing Tokiya's kimono version.

Cosplay changes for this year.

My this year cosplay plans is changed many times,because money/time.  So all "big cosplays plans" is gone away, ( for next year or in future ). Only animecon and tracon cosplays is changed! So here is a list what I'm going to do this year...

☆ Desucon:
Shin, Judal and Kirito

Luka Megurine and Dio

I'm not sure which version I'm going to do.

Mary and Shin. 

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day all! ( ' u ' ) /
I didn't have any "May day party",because I have a little flu + my throat hurt. But I continue my Kirito cosplay. Today I made patters for jacket and also start do lining pieces. Tomorrow I can finally start sewing!
I need finish my Judal cosplay + order red contact.

And I also got my Shin costume this week ~  ( I know why I order it...sometimes I'm too lazy sew. *sigh* )