torstai 4. huhtikuuta 2013

Maji Love 2000%

Hello everyone! 

I have been little quietly here,but I'm still alive! Wuhuu! Then what I have done,actually nothing special. I have been very lazy sew any cosplays ( I have just make plans,derp) 
School has taken most of my time and I've been really tired after the school day. So it's not wonder,if I didn't not have any interest in sewing. 

Today I watched Utapri 2 season first episode. Me after watching = ........what just happened?
New utapri season look pretty interesting,waiting next episode ~ ( > 3 < ) After watching I got utapri fangirl moment and I start thinking utapri cosplays. My desire cosplay Reiji only grows! And he is also my favorite "senpai" from utapri. 

But Reiji is not only utapri character what I want cosplay! Also is Cecil ~ I really like him,he is so cute and asdfgh ~ ( = 3 = ) 
I thought if I do he's debut or 2 season costume. 

But utapri 2 season starish song is good and I really like it. But that dance...what. 
I facepalm,laught and fangirling same time when I saw that new dance.. *dies* very manly dance... 

And I wanted put those gif here... xD 

But here is all this time ~ (next time I maybe write something about my cosplay...) 

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