torstai 14. maaliskuuta 2013


Is really difficult to desice what character I cosplay. I have too many plan and then I "hit my head to the table" because I just can't choose. First I have character X then a mouth later I have new character what I could cosplay ...seriously! BUT if now I can finally say "fuck yeah I cosplay this character!". SO now I need choose cosplay to the Tracon. First I thought "okay I cosplay some girl character there" Now it's Amnesia! 4 character..I need choose well. Orion,Toma,Shin and Ukyo. I like those characters and also they have nice clothes ~ hehe First Orion!Orion's costume look like this in anime. I like this costume,but...mmmh I don't know. Yes it's cute etc. but somehow...I don't know.

 Then I find this Orion's version ~ 

I say it's CUTE! This one is maybe more nicer than that another costume. 

First I just wanted to do his cafe costume,but Toma's normal clothes is not bad ~ 

Normal,alice and another costume. 3 choice. I'm not sure is that "alice" costume fanmade or some drama cd cover.

And last one is Ukyo. I don't know why I like him. Somehow he is cute,but he is also little weird guy.. :'D

Buuuuut,yeah what you guys think? :3 Which one I could cosplay or should I cosplay another characters from that anime/game? Tell me your opinion ~

maanantai 4. maaliskuuta 2013


Today I was cheery child and I sew my pants for my Judal cosplay. Yesterday I made the patterns for pants. I had to try 5 time different patterns. ( I really hate do patterns asdfghj >__< ) But after fighting with patterns I was too tired start sew pants,so today I sew them. Anyway here is some pictures ~

                      I was cutting fabric and then Pirpana come....


  Seewing and sewing...

 Seewing and sewing...

So here is picture where I have shirt too ~ Look good \ ( ^ u ^ ) /

And pants + cat hairs </3

Now I need do jewel thinks + that white think ~ and order the wig! ouo