lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013

Hmm hmm...

HmmHmmm indeed...I have thinking about some cosplays (again derp). BUT I have wanted for a long time cosplay some character who have kimono etc. clothes. Only problem is which character etc etc...
maybe I'm bad to chooce ^^'
But if people have any ideas,please tell me! Male and female characters,both is welcome ~

Aaaah those clothes (~*q*)~ 

One thing to I bought new fabrics for my Judal cosplay hohoho ~ I still need think how I do those jewelry thinks asdfgh. 

Aaand I also got my Mikaze wig! I love that wig.Tomorrow I take some picture of my Mikaze cosplay and maybe also my Ren cosplay. 

aaand random picture of my beautiful drawing ~ xDD
It's very beautiful...

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  1. OMG siis toi kolmas ja neljäs kuva. <3 Mistä toi neljäs on?

    1. ömöm,en tiedä onko ne jostain pelistä? Vaiko vain Yone Kazukin joitan artteja :'3