torstai 31. tammikuuta 2013

Kurobasu cosplay?

I put this here too..kurobasu cosplay..yes. I have wanted to do some cosplay from that anime. Problem is which character. Okay all character is like 170cm tall. (Haahaha,and I'm 158cm tall derp.) I'm not sure yet which version I'm going to do. It's new problem then some day.So what you guys think,which character would fit for me?






And next time I'm going to write about my Judal cosplay ~ Yes I have started it hohoho.

lauantai 19. tammikuuta 2013

Hmm hmm...

HmmHmmm indeed...I have thinking about some cosplays (again derp). BUT I have wanted for a long time cosplay some character who have kimono etc. clothes. Only problem is which character etc etc...
maybe I'm bad to chooce ^^'
But if people have any ideas,please tell me! Male and female characters,both is welcome ~

Aaaah those clothes (~*q*)~ 

One thing to I bought new fabrics for my Judal cosplay hohoho ~ I still need think how I do those jewelry thinks asdfgh. 

Aaand I also got my Mikaze wig! I love that wig.Tomorrow I take some picture of my Mikaze cosplay and maybe also my Ren cosplay. 

aaand random picture of my beautiful drawing ~ xDD
It's very beautiful...

torstai 3. tammikuuta 2013

Sengoku Basara

Sengoku Basaraarararararaaa!


Okay...The title says it, that I'm going to write about Sengoku Basara. Yesterday I looked some persons Sengoku Basara cosplay and they were beautiful/awesome. I have only watched that anime 3 episode and I have ever play that game. Maybe I could start watching that anime more. So I started look what characters that anime/game have. There was many nice looking characters and I found 3 female characters what I would cosplay. Because those male characters was toooooooo manly for me xD derp.
Anygays! First is Nohime.

I like that costume! Because kimono ~ ( I really love kimonos *^* <3 ) I have ever sewn any kimonos. And also that kimono color asdfgh.

Then is Tsuruhime. She look very cute and I also like that costume ~ It doesn't look hard to sew ^^'

And last one is Oichi ~ I don't know why but I really want cosplay her! I like her costume and asdfgh.
But it's maybe too hard sew ( for my skills >__< derp ). I have never made armor or anything like that. 
This is maybe my "dream cosplay" maybe someday I cosplay her or not. x'D 

tiistai 1. tammikuuta 2013

☆ My cosplays 2012 + 2013! ☆

So I decided to make "cosplays 2012" think. (because many people hava done this)
My last year was awesome! I've got a lot of new friends and I decided to start write cosplay blog.

But yeah I'm to lazy write anything about con stuff etc. Here is photo of my last year cosplays ~

Upper row --> 
Rin Kagamine - Meltdown, Luka Megurine - Sandplay singing of the dragon, Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane - Hatoful boyfriend, Otoya Ittoki - Debut

bottom row -->
Ririchiyo Shirakiin - Inu x Boku SS, Rin Kagamine - Love is war, Alois Trancy - Kuroshitsuji II

Hmmm...last year was most female characters. 

And then my next year cosplays!! 

Upper row --> 
Kirito - SAO, Rin Kagamine - Senbonzakura, Virus - DMMd, Asato - Lamento, Saruhiko Fushimi - K, Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane - Hatoful boyfriend 

Bottom row --> 
Ren Jinguuji - All star, Judal - Magi, Felicita - Arcana Famiglia, Ib - Ib, Mikaze Ai - Utapri.
And I forgot put Otoya Ittoki starish picture xD