tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2013

Is new year?

~ Happy new year 2014 everyone! ~ ( ^ o ^ ) /

I'm too lazy write anything special about year 2013. But here is all my 2013 cosplays ~ I didn't cosplay any female characters. Maybe next year I cosplay even one female character! xD But can't wait 2014 year cosplay plans! Here is also cosplay meme where is some 2014 plans. 

Definitely doing:
Lu Xun - Dynasty Warriors 7
Mistral Nereis - Shining hearts
Diao Chan - Dynasty Warriors 7
Kurosaki Ranmaru - Utapri
Snow Miku 2014 - Vocaloid
Rory - teahouse comic
Armin Arlert - Snk
Chikage Kazama - Hakuouki 
Levi - Snk 

Maybe doing:
Unno Nanakuma - Brave 10
Anri Yoshiwara - Adekan
Nagisa Hazuki - Free!
Cecil Aijima - Utapri
Sitori Cartwright - Makai Ouji
Momo Deviluke - To love ru darkness
Tokiya Ichinose - Utapri 

Link to the large pic

But Happy new year everyone! See you next time ~ 

maanantai 9. joulukuuta 2013

Winter cons?

Hi everyone!

Last time I wrote about Yukicon and Desucon Frostbite cosplay plans. Well now I'm not sure about those cosplays anymore or about going to frostbite. I have ordered tickets for both cons. BUT because my school stuff I'm not sure can I go to frostbite. I'm actually pretty sad about that if I can't go to frostbite.
So why I'm not sure about frostbite? I had the intention to go to an internship to Japan. ( this is only maybe,because still need talk about this at school ) And I'm not sure if I'm going in February or April. I hope this is in April. T ^ T

But however my yukicon plans are still question. I really want cosplay snow miku 2014 and I hope I have time make this cosplay! So miku is one cosplay what I'm going to do,but what is second day cosplay?
I have been a little stressed about school etc. and not sure if I'm able to do other "big costume". Because snow miku's costume take a little bit time make. (for me...)

So I have thinking if I cosplay Raito or Shu Sakamaki from diabolik lovers. I already have wig for both,but need do costumes. And another idea is Levi or Armin from snk. My snk cosplay is almost done and I have wig for both characters. (well still need do many thinks for those cosplays. )
Well I need think about those...hope I can choose those quickly.

torstai 21. marraskuuta 2013

Handsome men and cute diva ~

Hi everyone!

It's been while,I have been very busy lately because school. I have tried to make my cosplays,but feel like school take all my time and after school I'm pretty tired to sew.
But I have planned cosplays for next cons.So here they are ~

First is yukicon ~

I have only planned cosplay Chikage Kazama from Hakuouki. Finally my dream come true cosplay Kazama *^* He is my favorite character from Hakuouki. *fangirling*
But second cosplay is still question.

Then Desucon Frostbite

And more Hakuouki,yes. My love for this anime is big! =u= Me and my friend Papui have planned cosplay from Hakuouki. She is going to cosplay Saito and western Okita. I cosplay only one character,because I have other cosplay plans. But I'm not sure do I cosplay Okita or Kazama's western version.

Then is two Miku cosplay. Snow miku 2014 and project diva 2nd "This is The Happiness &
Peace of Mind Committee" version. Snow miku 2014 is very cute and I want cosplay her ~ I have already started make this cosplay. And why another miku cosplay then? I like this song and also this dress is cute. 

maanantai 21. lokakuuta 2013

I can do this...

Tilililii ~ Hi everyone!

(don't know why I put this....very beautiful gif,yes!)

Today my autumn break start,oh yeah. Now I have more time watch anime,play DW 7 (aaaah all DW feelings *^* ) and also continue my snk cosplay. 
I try style my Levi wig,but yeah still need style it more. Feel like ruined whole wig hehe. I'm not good style wigs...
Jacket for my snk cosplay is almost done,need those symbol thinks. I ordered them from ebay and also ordered shoes from there ~ Tomorrow I go shopping,hope I can buy some stuff for this cosplay. 

After snk cosplay I have planned do Adekan or DW 7 cosplay. Wondering when I get fabrics for those cosplays ~ 

Anri from Adekan 
Not sure which version going to do first. 

Diao Chan and Lu Xun - Dynasty Warriors 7 

Can't wait I can start those cosplays!! AAAh ( ´  ` )

Oh and I get this from post today *^*
And this poster is two-sided aaahhh *fangirling*

tiistai 15. lokakuuta 2013

Armin test ~

Hi everyone!


I don't have much to write about,but I get my Armin and Levi wigs \ ( ^ o ^ ) / 
I love my Armin wig,its so nice and aaaa ~ Also tested my Levi wig and cut it a little bit. Buuuuut still need style it more and also practice makeup for Levi cosplay.

I realy want go photoshooting,but my snk cosplay is not done yet. Need buy many thinks for it and also sew many stuff argh. But now sadly I don't have time sew my snk cosplay,because my work take all the time T v T  ( internship,because stupid school...)

But I hope I can do this cosplay someday ( ' u ' ) /

sunnuntai 29. syyskuuta 2013

What next?

Hi everyone! 

What next,indeed? Well next is....Snk cosplays.

Last week I ordered 2 snk wig and I have already one wig for one character hehe ~ 
But yeah maybe its time tell who are those characters. First one is.....

Eren Jaeger 

Why Eren? Because me and Papui are going to have a little photoshooting. Not sure do we have props when we have photoshooting ^^' 

Then is shota boy Armin Arlert. 
I'm not actually sure why I cosplay Armin...maybe because shota boy..I mean he is cute and yeah... xD 

And last one is Rivaille. Yes...because Jäärä. She asked me cosplay Levi with her and Zkitsune. And then epic snknotgaycosplaygroup <3 ((o ( * u * ) o))
Actually I'm pretty excited cosplay Levi,but maybe a little scared too (wtf Zani). Because not sure does his wig fit for me T u T

But yeah here was all now...wondering what I write next time.
Its bye now ~

lauantai 28. syyskuuta 2013

Still alive?

Hi everyone! Its been whilen when last time I wrote here. (actually I have to write about Tracon but was too lazy heheheh)

But anyway here is something about Tracon for you guys ~
Tracon was 14.-15.9.2013 (about two weeks ago(?) ) So on friday I went to my friend Nina place. We watched some movies and also I read some her mangas heheh. We both were very excited about saturday,because first con day *party hard*.

And then saturday came! On saturday I cosplayed Judal from magi. I was pretty nervous when arrived to con place. Well I met my old friends and talked with them etc. This time my Judal wig didn't like me at all. ponytails snapped end of the day + in the end I had to take the entire back off the wig. ;____:

Luckily me and Papui  had time to take pictures of our magi cosplay (before my wig dies). Papui was Kouha Ren and she was very cute and also her costume was awesome! *^*
After taking pictures and adventurers at con place,me and Nina went to our Hotel. It was pretty nice hotel,but our room was very cold  x__x ( yes we put the heating of the room louder, but it didn't work. )

My night at hotel wasn't nice. I become sick and I made the acquaintance with toilet. ( not sure where it came from, maybe medicine what I had to eat then??) But luckily in the morning I felt better. ^^'

Sundaayyyyyyyy,I was Sitori/Sytry/Sitry from Makai Ouji. (or what ever people call him xD )
People said to me my cosplay was pretty. I was very nice hear people think that ; w : (also many people asked is Sitori man or women...well Sitori is manly man....)
Well cape what I made wasn't very nice but yeah. I also meet my senpai Jäärä (don't know why I call her senpai,but anygays) + Zkitsune and Yamachu. It was awesome see those guys at con!! *^*
So I spend time with them and it was fun. Hehee ~ ((o ( > w < ) o))

But yeah Tracon was awesome!!! Thanks everyone!

And now some epic pictures teehee ~

".......nobody answer..."

 Jäärä like take pictures when I ate xD 

Papui and Nina say that flower is all my gayness....and then they ruin that flower nooooo!! xD 

Yes,we love each other ~ <3

me and Nina laugh lot for this,because bad Finnish dub xD 

"wait second I need put nail polish " 

"okay spinning I can do this....whiiiiiii ~ "

" It wasn't good spin... : I " 

perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013

I love my life too...

Hi everyone!

About two weeks(?) and then is Tracon. Yay! ooor not yay,because both cosplay to there is not ready. Still need do so many thinks. Well Sitori cosplay look pretty good. Pants and jacket is almost done and also need do a little thinks for shirt ~ So everything look okay?


Today I was looking fabrics for Mary cosplay (finally). I got white fabric for apron and gown and also found lovely turqouise blue fabric. When seller start look how much I need fabric for dress we realized there wasn't enough fabric. It was actually very sad,because color was right and also material was good. So now I don't have dress fabric T u T I just want hit my head to the wall or table.

Well I thought I can't do Mary cosplay at all,but then my mom friend say she order fabrics from German. I looked what kind of fabric this website have. Then I ordered some sample pieces and I hope there is good fabric for dress! But if I don't get fabric before con, I cosplay Mary in another con. (maybe)

But yeah,if I have sooooo bad luck with dress fabric...I need start think what I cosplay then. I thought if some utapri character? Mikaze Ai, Jinguji Ren, Otoya Ittoki or Aijima Cecil.
Which utapri character you want see?