maanantai 17. joulukuuta 2012

Magi cosplays?

Magi why so many awesome cosplay ideas? Okay I have 5 cosplay ideas from Magi. And I'm going to one of them next year,it's Judal. Well I'm not sure yet what I'm cosplaying in Tracon next year. Ranmao or some Magi cosplay. Last post I write about cosplay Scheherazade. I still want cosplay her,but today I watched newest Magi episode and PAM 2 new cosplay ideas. Seriously sometimes feel like I'm "crying blood" because of those ideas. They're too difficult make and asdfgh. Or I don't know when I cosplay those characters. Hmmm... 

But anygays in new episode came more Kou Empire characters. And now I want cosplay  Ren Kougyoku and Koubun Ka. I love those costumes! *A* <3
I start more thinking about cosplaying Scheherazade or Koubun Ka in Tracon. Okay Scheherazade it doesn't look difficult make. But's maybe liiiiittle difficult make and fabrics hhmph. For Koubun cosplay goes to a lot of fabric = my wallet crying. Well I wouldn't  have ordered a new wig. (because I have black short wig.) 
Well I have time thinking about Tracon cosplay. ^^'

Here is pictures of those characters 

     Ren Kougyoku

   Koubun Ka ( that left version ) 


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