tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

Ladys turn now?

I have thinking my Tracon cosplay ( okay there is still time..). First I have to do Kazama's calendar version,but I don't have any interest in starting to do that cosplay. I still want cosplay Kazama some day,but I just don't have time to do that and yeah..
I wonder could I do some women cosplay. It's a long time when I last time cosplay women character actually. 

First it was little hard invent a suitable character. I've wanted to do some lovely dress (example Miku's cendrillon version etc. But nobody wants to cosplay Kaito xD ). I stated to think what anime I have watched. Hah,first I wasn't easy find any good characters,but then Ranmao from Kuroshitsuji. Ranmao is actually only women character from Kuroshitsuji what I want cosplay. And I also like her costume. That dress is a little short but whatever xD (I'm going to cosplay Felicita and she have also short skirt.) Also I think to do those props. 
Yeah I first thought "okay I do Ranmao to Tracon >DD",but no. I have watched some Magi fanart picture and then I found Scheherazade. I love that character design and also she looks cute ~ 
So now I have 2 character,but which one I cosplay then. 
What you guys think? o3o 

Here is picture of those characters ~

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