tiistai 4. joulukuuta 2012

Frostbite cosplays ~

My blog got a new look ( ゚▽゚)/ 
But it's time talk about Frostbite cosplays. First I had to cosplay Ibuki and Ren in Frostbite...however it doesn't happend. My interest in cosplay Ibuki went away,but I still cosplay Ren. I still like Hakuouki,but some how my interest cosplaying from that anime just asd ^^'' I'm going to cosplay Kazama in Tracon,but there is still time to that con. 

So what I cosplay then if I don't cosplay Ibuki. First came to mind Black Wolves Saga cosplay,buuut I don't have any time for that. (because school takes up most of the time. )
Also Pokemon and Vocaloid cosplay etc. but then...Hallelujah! Another Utapri cosplay........haahah.
Then I start thinking AGAIN. What character I cosplay? Friend say I could cosplay Ittoki because I have wig already,but I didn't get any excitement. Well I think more and more then! Mikaze Ai!!
I love that character hair style and also he looks so cute ~ 

Now I have cosplays to Frostbite! \ ( > w < ) /

So my frotsbite cosplays Mikaze Ai and Ren white uniform version ~ o3o

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