torstai 18. lokakuuta 2012

DOKI DOKI de kowaresou 1000% LOVE HEY!! \ ( >w< ) /

Haah,my autumn break start tomorrow and also weekend my two friend comes to my place. We have some little photoshooting ~
Finally get some new picture of my cosplay \ ( ^w^ ) / maybe sandplay,ciel and maybe rin.
I'll put pictures then here and also to our cosplay group blog.

And course I have another think to write! xD I have started my len cosplay..well I have sewen those shorts. But first shorts what I sew was from behind were too short. ( yes that is possible xD ) now I have started other short. ^^'

I never would have thought that I'm involved in cosplay "show". My friend asked me according to their Utapri cosplay group. And I was little surprised! ( well they already had Ittoki's cosplayer but because reason x she can't be involved. D: ) But anyway so to next year I'm going to sew Ittoki's Starish version. (to tracon?) I had O-chan and Kazama to Tracon. I do only Kazama,because kazama's costume is not so hard sew than O-chan's. ( and I save some money :'D ) I'm going to cosplay O-chan in future ~
Only one drawback is that I have stage fright. ^^' (maybe I found some a way to relieve it..)

 "become to me bro ~ " xDD

hoho ~

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