torstai 25. lokakuuta 2012

Black Wolves Saga ~

Just when you think that there is nothing new cosplay plans to come...and shit xD
Black wolves saga ~ The characters are really asdfgh and those wonderful-looking uniforms  ~ *w*
I would like to play the game, but I don't know where to download it ^ ^'
But perhaps the most what I would like to cosplay is Auger, Zara or Fiona.
Making the suit will be difficult.. (as in many other suits what I'm doing / to do / I'm planning to do)
Maybe one day, I would make someone of those cosplay (next year or 2014? who know.)

And I also love that opening song!

8 kommenttia:

  1. Oh! I read in someone's blog about this game for not too long time ago and the art in it is really nice! I got an interest in it but I can't read Japanese so I can't play it. trololo I remember there was particularly one character I thought looked really cool. His costume was quite complicated though..

  2. I started download that game xD I don't understand Japanese,but well.
    Hmmmm...would that character be this one? o3o
    Or this :3

  3. Oh wow. The characters really do look great~ And yeah, all great characters are difficult to cosplay... It's still worth a try though. So, I think either Auger or Mejojo (because they're both like Kazama + muista taneli kaulalle xD) or Zara (because just so cute >w<)

    1. Indeed difficult.. ^^' Oh I like those twins ~ and yeah they're a bit like Kazama :'DD (totta kai taneli <3) Zara is also cute :'3 But I don't know which one I could cosplay. (if I have time I could cosplay some one in Animecon :'D )

    2. (Ninjailen nyt suomeksi koska ei jaksa.) Ne kaksoset on kyllä hyvin ihania, mutta ehkä joku söpö sopis sulle paremmin? Elikkäs Zara, ja sitäpaitsi, pupun korvat x3 Kaksosia ois kuitenkin paljon kivempi cossata jos ois joku paricossi xD

    3. Nii : D voi olla että teen molemmat mutta toisen Aconiin. Voi olla että teen Augerin,koska ei varmaan tulisi niin kuuma kuin tuossa Zaran cossissa xD