torstai 25. lokakuuta 2012

Black Wolves Saga ~

Just when you think that there is nothing new cosplay plans to come...and shit xD
Black wolves saga ~ The characters are really asdfgh and those wonderful-looking uniforms  ~ *w*
I would like to play the game, but I don't know where to download it ^ ^'
But perhaps the most what I would like to cosplay is Auger, Zara or Fiona.
Making the suit will be difficult.. (as in many other suits what I'm doing / to do / I'm planning to do)
Maybe one day, I would make someone of those cosplay (next year or 2014? who know.)

And I also love that opening song!

keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012


I don't know could I do Ren debut version or that white uniform : I ( well I can use that uniform to Ittoki cosplay too. )
What you guys think? o3o

Ren debut (ren is that orange hair guy :'D )

 White uniform

maanantai 22. lokakuuta 2012

Photoshooting ~

I was with my friend photoshooting this weekend. Gaitsu cosplayed Gakupo's sandplay and Janika cosplayed Fem prussia  and me Luka's sandplay wuhuu ~
We were in the church photoshooting. (grannies looked at us a little bit.. xD )
Before we went to the church I was so ninja and I fell on my back in our stairs. Gaitsu and Janika scared when I lay on stairs. (actually I start laught xD )
We arrived at the church and there was little could. We have fun and course get good pictures ~ :3

torstai 18. lokakuuta 2012

DOKI DOKI de kowaresou 1000% LOVE HEY!! \ ( >w< ) /

Haah,my autumn break start tomorrow and also weekend my two friend comes to my place. We have some little photoshooting ~
Finally get some new picture of my cosplay \ ( ^w^ ) / maybe sandplay,ciel and maybe rin.
I'll put pictures then here and also to our cosplay group blog.

And course I have another think to write! xD I have started my len cosplay..well I have sewen those shorts. But first shorts what I sew was from behind were too short. ( yes that is possible xD ) now I have started other short. ^^'

I never would have thought that I'm involved in cosplay "show". My friend asked me according to their Utapri cosplay group. And I was little surprised! ( well they already had Ittoki's cosplayer but because reason x she can't be involved. D: ) But anyway so to next year I'm going to sew Ittoki's Starish version. (to tracon?) I had O-chan and Kazama to Tracon. I do only Kazama,because kazama's costume is not so hard sew than O-chan's. ( and I save some money :'D ) I'm going to cosplay O-chan in future ~
Only one drawback is that I have stage fright. ^^' (maybe I found some a way to relieve it..)

 "become to me bro ~ " xDD

hoho ~

lauantai 13. lokakuuta 2012

Time start new cosplay!

Today I was buying fabrics. First I had to buy fabrics to Kazama cosplay,but because my mom I didn't. So I bought fabrics for Len cosplay.

Maybe tomorrow I start do that costume ~ :3

tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012

Why Kazama...

Hmmmhmmm....I realy want do Kazama calendar version. : I
Well only con where I would do that is Tracon. Then I realize.."fuck I have O-chan too". Well then I should do two difficult costume. (okay to my skills difficult)
Hahaha,I don't realy know how I can do them : I maybe somehow...I hope.

mmmmhh....jacket....and that fur thing. Seriously xD

lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012

Project diva f

Today was little bored so I start watching project diva f videos. Too many awesome songs and also costumes. asdfgh.
And course tooo many new cosplay idea : I

asdfghjkl,why xD
Here is also some video where show different costumes from that game ~ :3

tiistai 2. lokakuuta 2012

New anime new cosplay ideas?

Today I watched Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun and Kamisama Hajimemashita first episode. And I realy like both anime ~ <3 (Can't wait next episode.)
I liked very much that Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun,it was funny,epic and lovely same time xD

I've read that Kamisama Hajimemashita manga and aah I love that manga so much. And I want cosplay from that anime/manga. Because kimono!
Well Tomoe,Kurama or Mizuki. :3

I realy like Tomoe because ears and tail ~ + kimono :3
Tomoe's ending costume looks very awesome o3o and he have long hair. I don't know which version I would do.

 So cute ~ >w<

Mizuki also looks nice. Only problem may be his lashes. : I (because white.) And maybe also that costume ^^'

Last one is Kurama ~ I like that ending costume. But wings..! shit

and Kamisama Hajimemashita ending! I realy like that o3o opening is also cute ~ I can't wait when full version come.

Ending song

maanantai 1. lokakuuta 2012


Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa,I have only thinking what I would cosplay next year : I and I also want start sewing some costumes. I have some many "challenging" cosplay for example Len and O-chan x__x' But well I try my best ^^' 
Then is cosplay to animecon.. (yeah I know it's too early think cosplay to animecon but asdfgh). I've been thinking about sewing another utapri cosplay. Only problem is which character and what version. (Ittoki,Ren,Natsuki) Also Vocaloid senbonzakura version sound nice. And new one is Ren Hakuryuu from Magi. That costume asdfgh and that wig...would be hard find good wig to that cosplay : I 
Well what you guys think? 

Next year cosplays:

Ibuki - Hakuouki Reimeiroku 
Kaito The Lost memory version

Len Kagamine Room 13943 - VanaN'Ice
Kirito - Sword Art Online

Sawako - Kimi ni todoke

Asato - Lamento(?)
O-chan - Hiiro no Kakera  

And Ren looks like this: 

 and also O-chan ~ :3