lauantai 11. elokuuta 2012


I was with my mother to buy fabrics. And I found suitable fabric for cat ears and tail ~
So finally I was able to start sewing Gumi's dress.
And I really hate look for something to costume. It was very hard find good stay-up socks. Okay there was white stay-up,but they were bad. : / Well I found stay-up socks =3=

I started sewing that dress. *ahem* first I cut the fabric wrong and I looked for a long time that fabric...
Luckily I had some white fabric. ^^'
But I'm At least a success today! (not only fooling) I sewed cat ears and tail! Hohohoh ~
my first time I used a fur fabric. After all result was pretty good. I don't have more writing abot this cosplay...The next time surely ready dress?

My friend makes that green vest this cosplay o3o Thanks for her ! ~

some pictures ~

Cat ears ~ (my room is so beautiful.. xD)

sewing ~ o3o

and my cat xD

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