torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

Next year cosplay and maybe cosplay.

Hah,I know I have written many times my "next year cosplay" and "cosplay plans" blog,but here is new one again. :'D

So first next year cosplays. And I suprised that I have 3 girl character. (what is this? xD) I have cosplayed many time boys,but maybe because those clothes are awesome(?). But now here is next year cosplays! ~


To Desucon Frostbite I going to cosplay Ibuki from Hakuouki and Kaito's the lost memory version.

So Desucon is 3 day and 3 new costume,well I'm going to cosplay Ibuki again because Ibuki is awesome! Two other cosplay is Teto Kasane and Kirito from sword art online.

To animecon Felicita from Arcana Famiglia. Yeah I have first cosplay Luca but then my lovely friend is going to cosplay him and I got idea do couple cosplay. :3 And I'm doing with her another couple cosplay to Animecon. Sawako and Kasehaya from Kimi ni todoke. Aaaa,I really love that anime! ;w:

And then is Tracon! To tracon is two Hakuouki cosplay. Ibuki and Saitou.

Then is what I want cosplay!
Ren from Utapri! Aaaa,maybe Debut or school version?

Then is Len Kagamine fate rebirth version o3o

Aaaand Moujuutsukai to Oujisama Snow Bride  Erik,Silvio or Lucia

And last one is Hakuouki! Heisuke and Kazama!
Heisuke's wester,school or that season 1 version. 

And Kazama

Woohoo,here is all! ....and I put a lot picture to this blog. xD 

keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

Tracon cosplay huh?

Only about 2 week and then is Tracon. finally! Well hahahaaa,I don't know what I cosplay on Sunday. shit...
Well I'm not really sure do I cosplay Gumi's wonderful cat life version...because reason x. But then I remember my Ittoki debut version. Hallelujah! I only have edited gloves and sew to the jacket some stupid tapes etc.
But then I start think where I get shoes. Hah! Well maybe I should go to shoping lalalaa. I hope that I could get store on Friday..because stupid studying + tired + tired... = I don't have time. Okay I  have time to sew only on weekends. So wuhuu...
I hope I finished that jacket. ^^'

Utapri cosplay!

Today I watched random Uta no prince-sama cosplay pictures. And I got new cosplay ideas. Well I already have Ittoki wig and I'm doing his Debut version. But! I just thought maybe I could cosplay Ren,Natsuki or Ai. Well I'm not sure about Sho and Ai,but Ren and Natsuki oh yes!
But then I start think what version I cosplay?


Sooo many different version. But I don't know which one I do first ^^' ( I also think if I do Natsuki or Ai that white uniform costume or debut?)


And maybe Natsuki's school version o3o


Hmmm...I just wonder do I have too much plans? xD
But yeah I don't really know aaa....but I think I'm going to cosplay Ren or Ai.

maanantai 13. elokuuta 2012

Oh thank you all!

Omg did I really see right?  1002 visitors! o__o Oooh thank you aaaaallll people who has read my blog!
I really appreciate it. And also thanks 8 followers!

(actually I didn't ever think my blog got many visitors xDD)

lauantai 11. elokuuta 2012


I was with my mother to buy fabrics. And I found suitable fabric for cat ears and tail ~
So finally I was able to start sewing Gumi's dress.
And I really hate look for something to costume. It was very hard find good stay-up socks. Okay there was white stay-up,but they were bad. : / Well I found stay-up socks =3=

I started sewing that dress. *ahem* first I cut the fabric wrong and I looked for a long time that fabric...
Luckily I had some white fabric. ^^'
But I'm At least a success today! (not only fooling) I sewed cat ears and tail! Hohohoh ~
my first time I used a fur fabric. After all result was pretty good. I don't have more writing abot this cosplay...The next time surely ready dress?

My friend makes that green vest this cosplay o3o Thanks for her ! ~

some pictures ~

Cat ears ~ (my room is so beautiful.. xD)

sewing ~ o3o

and my cat xD