perjantai 20. heinäkuuta 2012

Lalalalalalaa ~

Lalalaa...I don't really know what I write to here. Hmm...well to Tracon is about two mouth wuuhuu. I really want go to some con or photoshooting with my friends .__. My the whole summer vacation is: I sit at the laptop and planning to my next year cosplays. Well I have maaaaannyyyyy different plans. ( and be changed how many times...)

And my cosplay project...because I'm lazy and I don't have interested to do them.
But aah my next year cosplay plans <3 I really wait some of them. Because finally I cosplay from Hakuouki! Oh yes!!
And then there are a couple of the group, and pair cosplay.
- Hatsune Miku madness of duke venomania (?)
  * I'm not really sure doing this costume.

- Mairu Orihara
 * Me and my friend got some idea cosplay Orihara sisters xD

- Kaito the lost memory
 * yes,we finally do that cosplay. (and season is winter when cosplay them..wuuhuu xD )

- Teto Kasane normal version and synchronicity
  * normal version because I do pair cosplay with my friend and she cosplay Ted ~ synchronicity = live action project. I also do Rin's synchronicity version yay

- Luca from arcana famiglia
 * my friend asked me to this group

And my Hakuouki cosplay!
Ibuki and Saitou hohoho I didn't decide which one I cosplay so both xD

Hohoho...very awesome plans.

Well I also have some photoshooting ideas with my friend. I going to do Fem Iceland cosplay. Well I don't like hetalie very much anymore,but because reason x I do that costume.

And my Tracon cosplays:

I have to my Gumi cosplay the collar and wig..yay xD I have to go buy fabrics..someday

hihii my Gumi wig ~

And my Alois cosplay is ready! That costume became a post.

Shall we dance? >D

Haha,okay maybe here is everything what I have to write.

- Zani