sunnuntai 17. kesäkuuta 2012

Two cosplay project!

I have planed to do two cosplay project. Two costume with jacket...Okay maybe sound easy job. (not for me because I'm so bad sew jacket haha.. ^^')
I've always wanted to cosplay from DRAMAtical murder. I had three characters for what I would cosplay Aoba,Clear and Mizuki. Well after all I chose Mizuki ~ :3 So Mizuki is one my cosplay project costume. Secound is from Kuroshitsuji manga not anime. Well I read other day Kuroshitsuji manga 8 and I saw very very "awesome" character. The Queen butler Charles Grey! He seemed so awesome! >D His suit I need to probably spend more time...because details of the suit. But I hope successfully in both cosplays.

 Charles Grey

Tracon cosplays

I had to go to Animecon,but plans came to changes.. ^^' So next con where I'm going is Tracon.
Tracon is 2 day con,so I have two new cosplay. Alois Trancy and Megpoid Gumi's wonderful cat life version. I cosplay Alois because my friend cosplay Hannah. I haven't yet started to do my cosplay. (in fact I only sew Gumi's costume because I hate so much sew jacket/shirt so I order Alois costume).
I have buy fabrics and wig to my Gumi cosplay. And then I can start do my costume...


Desucon was last weekend. (It was a three day) I have so much fun! And good con (like always desucon is). There was a lot of good programs, but I managed to visit only two.
On Friday I cosplayed Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane from Hatoful boyfriend game. My friend Chiryoto cosplayed Yuuya. On Saturday I cosplayed Rin Kagamine Love is war version with my friend who cosplayed Miku Hatsune's love is war version. And last but not least Sunday I cosplayed Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku SS. I don't know why I was a little distressed with my Ririchiyo cosplay. ^^' But however I have fun and that was good think! :'D

Pictures from Desucon cosplays:

 Rin and Miku