lauantai 12. toukokuuta 2012

New name and summer!

So I change my blog name "cat,butterfly and cosplay". Cat,because I have little cute cat. Butterly,actually I don't know.
But summer is coming,Yay! That know school ending and holiday start and con's!

My this years cosplay plans is little changed. Me and Chiruyto had do pairing cosplay : alois and ciel,luna child and starshaprine. Buut,we don't have time to do those cosplay. But we have our "secret cosplay" we're doing them to Desucon

In this year I'm going to Kikucon (which is next week). In Kikucon I will cosplay Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane and Rin Kagamine love is war version. Then is Desucon,my costume to there is Sakuya again,Ririchiyo Shirakiin and our secret cosplay. Animecon I cosplay Luka Megurine sandplay version and Rin Kagamine Rensou Kakudai Chocola-holic version. And in the autumn is Tracon. I haven't planned what I cosplay there. Maybe Gumi's wonderful cat life? But I don't know yet the secound costume. Maybe Gian Carlo from Lucky Dog 1 or another vocaloid costume?
Even in summer there is another con,but I'm not sure if I'm going.

After all I have another think to write. Last week was Tre Kupli. It's some a kind of comic book event. Saturday was the so-called cosplay oriented day. (well there was some kind of cosplay competition. But I wasn't watching it.) On that day I was really tired  and I didn't take much picture of cosplayers. I could say that was a little wild goose chase. But positive thing was that I saw my friends. I'm not sure I go there next year.
But this is all now ~

- Zani