lauantai 4. helmikuuta 2012

Ciel circus costume mask

So yesterday I start make Ciel costume mask and today I make Ririchiyo. Today I painted and I put the those ropes to Ciel circus mask. Paint is little fail,but looks pretty good. ^^ And maybe tomorrow I paint Ririchiyo mask. But I have buy the paper pulp to horns. I hope next weak I can buy fabrics to Ciel circus costume and maybe to Ririchiyo costume too.

So here is epic Ciel circus mask. :'D

torstai 2. helmikuuta 2012

My cosplay plans for 2012!

Course I have plans for 2012. I have sewing hmm...7 costume. Very much..yeah I know.

For Tampere Kuplii in May, I will be doing one costume. And that little cute character is suprise suprise Ciel Phantomhive. One day I just think why not Ciel's circus version. That costume is really cute and it would provide a small challenge for sewing.

The next con I'm going to is Desucon in June. Desucon is three day,so I have make three costume. Friday I going to be Sakuya and I have with me Yuuya! :3 So me and my friend are cosplaying epic bird brothers. ( Yes,you read right BIRD )

Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane from Hatoful Boyfriend

Saturday I will be going to cosplay Ririchiyo Shirakiin. Because her costume is so asdh *w* I really love japanese clothes and I like that anime too. I hope that costume succeeds.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin - from Inu x Boku SS

And on Sunday I cosplaying Luna Child. I think I need to spend a lot of time making this costume,because dress. I would also have Star Shapphire and probably Sunny Milk with me then.

Luna Child from Touhou

Then for Tracon in autumn I think. I'm going to make the masquerade/some epic vampire version of Alois Trancy. And maybe Judal from magi the labyrinth of magic.

And for Kosucon which I'm not sure when that con is,because my friend told me abot that con,but she doesn't know neither when that is.. I'm doing The Lost Memory version of Kaito Shion.

Of course I have some "maybe" costumes. But I write about them later.

My cosplay history

I'm Janita,Zani,Zanitas but you can call me Zani or whatever you want call me. So I start cosplaying in 2010. I'm in 9th grade and then I go to vocational school next summer. (Probably learn to chef.)

I start cosplaying 2010 when I was 15 years old. I don't know how to sew properly then. Or, in fact, I didn't dare even to try out a sewing. So I have ordered many of my dress. But later, however, I took myself to "hand down". Well now I have done 4 dress!

My first cosplay was Kareha from Suffle!. I cosplay Kareha in summer 2010. So I put that costume in Desucon and that was my first con.

Secound cosplay was Belarus from Hetalia. I was then some very epic hetalia fangirl moment in 2010. I cosplay Belarus in some little con. I've had cosplay Belarus in some Hetalia meetings.

My three cosplay was Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. I don't know why I wanted to cosplay Ciel. But well I ordered that blue costume from season 2. ( Because my friend had to cosplay Alois so we think so why not cosplaypair?) We didn't do that pair cosplay think,so I cosplay Ciel alone.

(old picture is old picture)

And 2011 I was still...epic and horrible hetalia fangirl. Luckily not anymore. So my secound hetalia cosplay was Iceland. I have some Nordics fangirl moment then. I order Iceland costume to hetalia meeting and I have been Iceland in three con. ( If I remember right)

Luckily my hetalia fangirl think is gone. And then I start cosplay Vocaloid characters in 2011. And then I finally sewing my first costume! So that was Mikuo Hatsune costume. And because that was my first costume what I's looks like that. (shirt was a bit short. I have do some day new shirt)

More Vocaloid in 2011. Then I have idea cosplay Rin Kagamine Meltdown version. I really like that costume and song of course. (But I cosplay Rin only in 2012 Desucon Frostbite. D: ) And same time I cosplay Ciel again. So that was Ciel in wonderland costume. Hoh secound costume what I sewing and I'm little proud of that costume. I cosplaying Ciel in Animecon and later in early autumn Tracon.

Side of the end of 2011 I cosplay Luka Megurine's sandplay version. Me and my another friend have cosplaypairn (my friend cosplay Gakupo) . So thats why I order that costume. I really love that costume and of course wig too! *w* We had been photoshoot  ~ I put that lovely dress to Desucon Frostbite.

There is all my cosplay what I have now! Hohoo ~ Well I have Heisuke and Alois wigs and I have to cosplay them some day. ^^'