tiistai 6. tammikuuta 2015

Day 2 " How many costumes have you done?"

This time is, how many costumes I have done. Like l said in the last post I have not done all my cosplays. I have 10 costume what I have ordered (oh god.. xD ). If people think I'm good cosplayer ppppft,yeah right. I know some people don't like the idea that people order their costumes. But when I start all this I didn't even think about sew my cosplays. And I thought that I can't do anything. But little by little I wanted to sew my own cosplays and those days I haven't thought about order costumes. Okay, one Shin's costume I ordered because own reasons but anyway xD 

I decided to put ordered and self-made costumes to own photos. First is ordered costumes. There is one Ciel costume too,but I don't have any pictures of it. 

Sakuya's jacket is made by my lovely friend ~ 

And then what I have done ~
I don't have photos of my Ciel Phantomhive circus version. 

maanantai 5. tammikuuta 2015

30 day cosplay challenge (/^▽^)/ ~☆

Hohohoo, hello everyone!

I wanted do this "30 day cosplay challenge" meme thing. And I want keep my blog, a little active. Because most of my blog post are about "I want cosplay this this and this" etc. And sometimes feels like people get bored in that kind of posts. ( or I'm wrong? :'D ) 

First day, "Your first cosplay"

My first cosplay was Kareha from Shuffle! When I started cosplay I didn't even think about sewing my own costumes. So Kareha's costume is ordered from Bodyline. I didn't have wig or elf ears for her. Of course I want show my first cosplay what I have made. Actually I'm not sure which one I did first Hatsune Mikuo or Ciel Phantomhive alice version. 

Kareha - Shuffle!!
Ciel Phantomhive - alice version

maanantai 29. joulukuuta 2014

Tell me your opinion! *u*

Hi everyone! 

I have thinking about my desucon cosplay plans. My love for Adekan manga is huge and I really liked cosplay Anri at Närcon last summer. Now I want cosplay this almost always half naked idiot in Finnish con. So cosplaying again Anri's costume what I have done or making new one? And now I want hear your opinion, because for me is always hard choose and hearing peoples opinions makes choosing easier ~ 

Costume what I have cosplayed?

This one?

Or this lovely alice themed dress? 

tiistai 23. joulukuuta 2014


I started to think what cosplays I've made this year. Some costumes I didn't even remember e.g. Rin's costume what I cosplayed at Närcon or Taiga's game costume what I used only for photoshoot. First I thought I haven't done many cosplay,but 9 costume is actually a lot for me. ( taiga what I used at frostbite isn't even cosplay asdfgvbh xD )
I don't have anything special to say about this year cosplays. S
ome are successful and others are less successful. But I have noticed that my sewing skill are advanced ~ ;u: 

 ps. here is new wip photo of my Rin cosplay ~ 

sunnuntai 14. joulukuuta 2014

Not done yet??

Hi everyone! 
This time I have wip photos of my Kagamine Rin cosplay from Suzunosuke's art book Colorful 3.
First I started sew that white dress. I drew the dress patterns from burda magazine. I thought making dress is easy,but no just no. Okay the upper part of the dress was easy to do. But then skirt part....*deep sigh*. 
I don't know how many time I said "dresses is not my thing". I drew skirt patterns in the sense that I had drawn it correctly,yeah that what I thought. Well I sewed the upper and skirt part. Then I tried dress with hoop skirt. Then I realize something...skirt was shorter from other side. Well I had to go buy more fabric that I could do it again. 

I wasn't interest to continue making dress I started make jacket. I cut patterns for jacket and then started to embroider it. One day wig for Rin arrived and of course I wanted to test it. And I love this wig! *^*
Also wanted to try horns to the wig. I need figure out how I put horns to the wig.
But yeah,I still have about 4 weeks to make this costume... xD

Belt ~

front piece embroidery.

Oh and I want show my plans to desucon frostbite. First I wasn't sure what is my third cosplay, but then brothers conflict come to my mind. 

Ayumi Shinozaki - corpse party, Kougami Shinya - psycho pass, Juli - brothers conflict. 

sunnuntai 23. marraskuuta 2014

Too many cosplay ideas...

Again I list characters what I have planned to cosplay next year + ideas. Why I'm always doing those..urgh xD I have also thinking about do new utapri cosplay,but not sure which character/costume. Ps. next time I wrote something about my Yukicon cosplay.


100% sure:

Kei - Ken ga kimi
Koujaku - DMMd
Kagamine Rin - vocaloid
Benio - Zone 00
Mistral Nereis - Shining Hearts
Akira Totsuka - Kamigami no asobi
Chikage Kazama - Hakuouki

Pair/group cosplays:

Kagamine Rin - vocaloid
Ayumi Shinozaki - corpse party
Kougami Shinya - Psycho pass

maybe?? ' 3 ' ) / :

Kagamine Rin - Vocaloid
Kokkuri-san - Gugure Kokkuri-san
Lu Xun - Dynasty Warriors 7
Loki Laevatein - Kamigami no asobi

maanantai 27. lokakuuta 2014

Already plans for next year?

You know that feeling when you start thinking "what I could cosplay next year?". And then you start list characters what you want cosplay + those which are "yeah,maybe if I have time/money/sewing motivaiton". 
One day I was bored and I did this list...

 Okay...in first photo is actually 3 costume what I have started and those characters are: Mistral Nereis - Shining Hearts, Benio - Zone-00 and Unno Nanakuma - Brave 10.
And 3 character what I'm going to cosplay at Yukicon and desucon frostbite are: Kagamine Rin (white dress), Ayumi Shinozaki - corpse party and Mukami Kou - diabolik lover more blood. 

 And then....Kagamine Rin - sandplay singing of the dragon.
I remember when I first saw sandplay costumes I fell in love with Luka's and Rin' costumes. When I cosplayed Luka's sandplay version it was time when I didn't sew cosplays by myself,but now I have some kind of sewing skill and I want try make Rin's sandplay costume.

 Oh rejet rejet what did you do. I love rejet's otome game and drama cd things. I saw on Rejet homepage new otome game called Ken Ga Kimi. I love those characters designs and they have lovely voice's aaaah <3
Because I don't understand japanese + don't know where I could order this game I haven't play it. BUT,I have read from this wonderland called internet about this game. (also watched videos from youtube). 
I love Kuroba Saneaki's (on the right) and Kei's (on the left) costumes ~  I really want cosplay both ;w: MAYBE going to cosplay Kei at next summer.

Kamigami no asobi...why?! Too many characters what you want cosplay and then you don't know when and do you have time/money. Actually I have started Loki's god costume...but still need do soooo many things for it. Another kamiaso character what I like to cosplay is Thoth ~ ;w: 

Nomura Eru - Marginal#4 (is also by Rejet.) Those handsome 2Dsingingidolanimeboys,ah <3 
2D idol boys my only weakness! 
Wait what... xD 
I love marginal4# songs and always looking for new songs *u*
Me and my friend both are huge marginal4# fans and we have talked about cosplaying those lovely idol boys fufufu~ Hopefully we're able to cosplay those one day! ;w: