maanantai 7. huhtikuuta 2014

Nyanananya ~

Hi everyone! 

Lately I have sewn my cosplays to Cosvision. First I started sew Kagamine Rin senbonzakura costume. Costume has progressed quite well,but still there is a lot to do. (or not?) I have bought some stuff for Mistral Nereis costume too. I hope I can start Mistral costume soon T 3 T
Anygays here is some wip photo from Rin cosplay ~

And about Desucon plans again...*sigh* All cosplays changed what I had planned. Okay,one cosplay I have already choose and it's Loki Laevatein from Kamigami no asobi. I'm going to do his god version. His costume is very manly and not gay at all xDD (I'm so going to die when I do this...)

Okay now I need only choose 2 cosplays what I do with Loki. I thought some kind of "easy cosplay". What look simple and don't need so much work. (ppppft right that what I thought) Here is characters what I have planned.

Matsuoka Rin - Free!
Hazuki Nagisa - Free!
Uroko sama - Nagi no asukara
Yato - Noragami

maanantai 24. helmikuuta 2014

I got the power!

  Okay I didn't get any power,or did I? (mysterious power lol what?)

Wait what....

Anygays,lately I haven't sewn or doing anything great. Because last monday I had foot surgery and trying to get some rest ~ But a little by little I can continue sew my cosplays whiii ~ And now I have sewn Christa from Diabolik lovers. First diabolik lovers costume what I started do. Still need buy fabrics for Shu and Raito. (wondering when the day is.) The first time I sew a dress,so a little scared of what it will become,haha. Christa is my favorite mother character from diabolik lovers and she is also pretty ~ I can't wait to get Christa's dress done ~ *u* 

Aaah,Christa is prettyy ~ ;w: 

One think for this cosplay is done and it's necklace ~ 

And next I want tell my cosvision and desucon plans. To cosvision I have two lovely female character,yes two female. For me it was a little surprise that I don't cosplay any male characters there. First one is Mistral Nereis from Shining hearts. I don't remember where the idea cosplay Mistral come from. I think I talked with  Jäärä about her Clalaclan cosplay(?). Another cute female character is Rin Kagamine senbonzakura version. Finally my dream is coming true! I have wanted cosplay this costume for while. I really love it and this costume is veeeery cute + senbonzakura is one my favorite vocaloid song ~ I'm going to have a little senbonzakura group with Tutti and Rita.  

And then is desucon cosplays. Now is 2 male and one female,man power fufufufufu ~ I'm going to cosplay two character from same think. Because cute/handsome/not gay tsukiuta characters! One day I found from soundcloud tsukiuta songs and I fell in love with them ~ Those songs are just so asdfghjhgfds and characters hhhhhngh <3 First it was hard choose which characters I do,because I like all of them. I asked from friends which characters are their favorites and after I collected their fav characters I choose Togawa Chisa and Kisaragi Koi. Both have very cute costumes ~ >w< 
Then another male character is from inari konkon koi iroha. I like this anime and one my favorite characters is Ootoshi no Kami (don't know why xD ). But I'm really excited ~ >w< 
Hope I can start cosvision and desu cosplays soon ~ 

Buuuut it's time go noow ~ ( = w = ) ~

Did I get anything done?

Hi! ~

Finally I had interest write about desucon frostbite. Frostbite was three day con,but I was only weekend there. Because on Friday I tried to sew my cosplays to this con,but after all I didn't have enough time. I was very tired and stressed. I hope that I have time sew cosplays to Cosvision ;___:

But I used my old cosplay on Saturday and on Sunday I was random Taiga with black suit heh. I had a lot of fun in the con. Actually I don't have anything special write about desucon...so yeah.
I only have photos of Taiga,so here ~ Thanks Paha sotaherra taking photos for me! ;w:


tiistai 21. tammikuuta 2014

Yukicon ~

Yesterday I was lazy to write anything about Yukicon,but today I try write something,hah!
On Saturday I woke up at seven. Then I start look the rest of thinks what I took with me to Yukicon,I cosplayed Sitori. Fortunately,my cousin's mother was able to throw me in Espoo. I was at con place about 9:45,then I waited alone outside. 

First toddles on my own, but then I met Papui ~ I was asked to Hallcosplay competition. It was nice when I was asked to join the competition. At first I didn't nervous anything,but when I had to go backstage,began to come a bit of excitement. (this was my second time in competition.) At backstage was really nice people and talking with them eased a little bit of excitement. Before hallcosplay was beginners and more experienced competition. I was the third the last went on the stage. When was my turn go to stage I was so nervous. When I walked onto the stage, I felt somehow clumsy. Felt like a deer in the headlights xD. 
But I survived,wuhuuu! xDD 

 Feel like I look tired in all the pics ;o:

We're so sexy with Papui xD 

After competition me and papui walked around the con place. I was so tired,we went to floor accommodation place. (before that we go to subway) After we had eat,we start look where floor accommodation place is. First we got lost,but lucky two people told us where we have to go. We both were tired and our stuff began to sound like it. I didn't sleep well at night,my stomach hurt etc. 

Then Sunday come. We start pack our stuff and to put our costumes on. I cosplayed Armin. When we were ready,we started to walk to con place. I looked so tired whole day. We had a little snk photoshooting with our friends. We had so much fun,outside was a little cold take photos so we go to the library take some photos. The clock began to approach three, me and Papui went to change out of the cosplays and headed to the bus stop. 

Whole day was something like this... xD 

I had so much fun at Yukicon! Maybe next year I'll go. And some photos,only snk photos. Because didn't take any photos of Sitori ^^'

torstai 16. tammikuuta 2014

Something is done?

Hi everyone!

This weekend is yukicon and I'm pretty exited! My cosplays for yukicon is done,surprise. I'm going to cosplay Sitori on Saturday and on Sunday Armin. I need fix a little bit my Sitori costume. But anyway....here is Armin xD

I really hated do those belt thinks asdf xD 
+ I realized shoes stems are too long. ; o : 

Also I have started do Taiga Kagami for Kuroko no basket. Kagami cosplay was a little surprise for me,because first I didn't have any plans do it. So I'm going to cosplay Kagami at desucon frostbite. My other plans for frostbite are Rory from teahouse comic and snow miku 2014 version. I hope I have time do snow miku. For Rory I don't have to do much for his costume. 

fabrics for Taiga ~ 

Wigs for Taiga and Rory. I really love Taiga's wig ~ *u* 

tiistai 31. joulukuuta 2013

Is new year?

~ Happy new year 2014 everyone! ~ ( ^ o ^ ) /

I'm too lazy write anything special about year 2013. But here is all my 2013 cosplays ~ I didn't cosplay any female characters. Maybe next year I cosplay even one female character! xD But can't wait 2014 year cosplay plans! Here is also cosplay meme where is some 2014 plans. 

Definitely doing:
Lu Xun - Dynasty Warriors 7
Mistral Nereis - Shining hearts
Diao Chan - Dynasty Warriors 7
Kurosaki Ranmaru - Utapri
Snow Miku 2014 - Vocaloid
Rory - teahouse comic
Armin Arlert - Snk
Chikage Kazama - Hakuouki 
Levi - Snk 

Maybe doing:
Unno Nanakuma - Brave 10
Anri Yoshiwara - Adekan
Nagisa Hazuki - Free!
Cecil Aijima - Utapri
Sitori Cartwright - Makai Ouji
Momo Deviluke - To love ru darkness
Tokiya Ichinose - Utapri 

Link to the large pic

But Happy new year everyone! See you next time ~ 

maanantai 9. joulukuuta 2013

Winter cons?

Hi everyone!

Last time I wrote about Yukicon and Desucon Frostbite cosplay plans. Well now I'm not sure about those cosplays anymore or about going to frostbite. I have ordered tickets for both cons. BUT because my school stuff I'm not sure can I go to frostbite. I'm actually pretty sad about that if I can't go to frostbite.
So why I'm not sure about frostbite? I had the intention to go to an internship to Japan. ( this is only maybe,because still need talk about this at school ) And I'm not sure if I'm going in February or April. I hope this is in April. T ^ T

But however my yukicon plans are still question. I really want cosplay snow miku 2014 and I hope I have time make this cosplay! So miku is one cosplay what I'm going to do,but what is second day cosplay?
I have been a little stressed about school etc. and not sure if I'm able to do other "big costume". Because snow miku's costume take a little bit time make. (for me...)

So I have thinking if I cosplay Raito or Shu Sakamaki from diabolik lovers. I already have wig for both,but need do costumes. And another idea is Levi or Armin from snk. My snk cosplay is almost done and I have wig for both characters. (well still need do many thinks for those cosplays. )
Well I need think about those...hope I can choose those quickly.